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Namaste Book Clubs Inaugural Tweet Contest

We are thrilled to announce our inaugural tweet contest at Namaste Book Club.

Tweet your Heart of Yoga out!

The Contest specifics (and here’s the rub…):

What to do: Between 7/5 and 5 pm EST 7/26 you may submit ONE 140 character Tweet to us at our email: It must contain some reflection, poem, commentary, criticism, or the like from our first selection, “Heart of Yoga.” The top five tweets will be posted on Twitter and here on the blog on 7/22 and we will have a five day poll/vote for the best.
Winner selection: The winner of this contest will win a free copy of our selection for book #2, and the great honor of choosing a style of yoga and representative book for #3. The two runners up will receive free copies of book #2.
Rules: The submission must be 140 characters and it MUST be an email and NOT a public Tweet. This way we can keep the identity of the author private to the general public. We want the winner to be chosen on the merit of his/her words after all.

The Tweet must be about the book but MUST NOT contain direct quotes from the book. The 140 characters must be your own words, thoughts, silliness, seriousness and the ilk.

Twitter shorthand is of course accepted.

Special shout out and thanks to Deborah @florianyoga for the generous donation. Be sure to check her website on how you can help troops and firefighters. She does great stuff! Can’t wait to read your book Deb!


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