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Thought Questions for Chapters 3-5: Asanas!

Here are some questions to get you thinking as you read chapters 3-5:

1.) What does Desikachar say about sequencing? How in your personal practice does sequencing of asanas play a roll? If you teach how do you arrange the asanas and why? How do you prefer to start/end classes (standing, supine, on the mat)? What do you think Desikachar would say about styles that have the same sequence (such as Ashtanga and Bikram)?

2.) What do you think about alignment assistance? Does Desikachar’s viniyoga use it? Would he approve or does it go against his idea that individual approach is great? What about use of props?

3.) What poses do you most like and why? What poses do you dread and why? Do you believe the idea that every pose has a purpose and that those which dog you are the ones you most need?


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