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Discussion Questions for Chat #3: Pranayama and Bandhas

1.) What sort of pranayama do you use in your practice? Do you use it in the beginning, middle or end of your practice as Desikachar suggests?

2.) What styles of pranayama do you find useful? do you dislike? do you think certain students should use (why?) or not (why not?)?

3.) Do you generally practice the idea that inhale and exhale lengths should be the same? Desikachar suggests trying a breathing count of twelve using our hands, have you tried this? succeeded or not?

4.) What role does pranayama play in your practice? Does it serve as a focusing point, does it serve to raise energy?

5.) What aspects of pranayama did you feel his discussion lacked? Do you think that doing it only under the guidance of a teacher is appropriate or too cautious?

6.) How do you use bandhas in your practice? Do you combine them with pranayama or not?

7.) Are you able to engage the bandhas (all three or individual ones)? Can you do it through a sun salutation? An entire practice?

8.) How does your style of yoga emphasize pranayama and bandhas? Are they important or secondary to asanas?


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