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News from the founders

Hello readers!
Your founders, Nancy and I (Jenny), have been working hard to make Namaste Book Club the best that it can be. We recently got together to talk about the club and wanted to provide you all with an update based on what we discussed.
To begin with, official chats will be held the last Sunday of every month. They will still begin at 7pm CST and will continue until 9pm or whenever the conversation ends organically. A few members requested that we bring back weekly chats. To be perfectly honest, book clubbers, this isn’t possible for Nancy and I to do. As so many of us #yogadorks are, we’re busy girls and don’t feel like we can give the club our all with weekly meetings. Also, numbers have been consistent, yet low, in the chats. We appreciate greatly the members who come to all the chats and contribute to the wonderful conversation, but unless numbers and participation increase, we couldn’t justify returning to weekly chats. However, we love the idea of monthly chats because we feel it gives people a lot more time to obtain and start reading the book selections.
That being said, although the official book club chats will only be held monthly, if you wish to chat more, we absolutely invite you to chat “off the record” with other members on the off-weeks. While Nancy and I may not be present and there will be no transcript on these nights, the chat option is always available to members to utilize. For the sake of structure, these “open chats” will be scheduled to begin at 7pm CST on the Sunday evenings when we are not having an official chat. Again, though, members are free to chat on the Ning website at any time they wish. The Ning is yours, book clubbers. It’s your community, you have helped create and shape it. So by all means- take advantage of it!
The next note of business pertains to posting blogs. We would like to make our blog more active and community-inspired. You guys have some really great ideas for blogs you’d like to see. Unfortunately, we, your founders, are not always able to research and write the blogs. Instead, if you have a blog idea, we invite you now to submit blog posts to us at yogabookclub[at]gmail[dot]com. We will review the blogs, do any necessary editing, and then post the accepted blogs online. These blogs can be anything from book reviews of our current club selections, essays inspired by readings, reviews of other books or any other yoga related topic. We are also still accepting book ideas or book list compilations that you wish to share with the other members.

If you have ideas for how you’d like to see the club grow and transform, or wish to be more closely involved in the book club in any way feel free to email Nancy and I at the previously mentioned email address.

And finally- the last note and the announcement everyone’s been waiting for- the next selection for the book club! Nancy and I met to talk about it [insert giddy laugh from your founders, still loving the fact that we are in the same city now!], and decided to choose Chakra Yoga by Alan Finger for our next read. There was some pretty good interest in this book in our last chat, and the chakras are a subject we feel we haven’t yet explored very deeply, so we’re really excited about this one. The next official chat, then, will be held on April 25 and will begin at 7pm CST in the Community Chat application on the Ning. We hope to see you all there!
Jenny and Nancy

Book # 4 Starts Nov 1

Book #4  starts Nov. 1, 2009

The Wisdom of No Escape: AndThe Path of Loving Kindness  by Pema Chodron

Book #3 Starts this week!

We are very excited to start book #3 this week:  Hatha Yoga Pradikipa.  Be sure to join us for a chat about the first chapter this Sunday, 6-8 pm CST at our Ning Site:

Book Review by Nancy Alder

Here’s a recent book review by co-founder Nancy Alder

Seven Spirals: A Chakra Sutra for Kids—a-book-review

Meditate on This!

Congrats to @yosoykia @bikerunyoga and @bobweisenberg for winning the contests!

Namaste Book Club and our #yogadork friend @gomelissago are holding a Twitter Meditation Month.

We love how yoga has gained acceptance because of its health benefits and know many of our members enjoy the physicality of their practices. But sometimes we all need to remember that part of yoga is spending time looking inward as well. With that in mind, we are encouraging our members to engage in one month of a daily meditation practice. We ask you to tweet the hashtag phrase #ncbmm once daily along with a tweet about your meditation. Everyone can follow the other participants by searching for #ncbmm, which will encourage us all to meditate as well. We plan to collect the names of tweeters who do this for a month and throw them into a yoga mat bag for some prizes.

Winners: Everyone who participates will win by including meditation in their daily lives. We will all take a moment to slow down and look inward.

Yet, two lucky and randomly chosen tweeps will win either (random as well)

1. Your browser may not support display of this image. Yoga Dork T-shirt (donated by @gomelissago) from @yogadork ‘s site


2. A paperback copy of The Blooming of a Lotus: A Rev. Ed. Of the Classic Guided Meditation for Achieving the Miracle of Mindfulness by Thich Nhat Hanh

The contest will run officially from Sept. 10 – Oct. 10 although we hope to make it a perpetual trending topic and practice for all our members. Look inward, take time and meditate on this idea. Thanks to the lovely and fantastic Melissa for getting the meditation timer started for all of us!

Discussion Questions for Chapts 11-14

Here are some discussion questions for Chapters 11-14, Chat #5. More to come…

How has yoga changed your awareness of your interactions with others? Has yoga changed only your awareness of these interactions, or has it also changed the interactions themselves? In what ways has it done so? In what ways has yoga changed your relationship with your self?

In your own life, do you incorporate an awareness of the Yamas and Niyamas? In what ways? Is there one in particular upon which you focus?

How do you attempt to ready your ind for Dharana? (Asana, meditation, etc). Do you have a meditation practice? If so inclined, describe it to us.

Which of the 9 obstacles is most present in your life or recurs most often? In what ways to do you attempt to overcome this obstacle? What has proven most helpful in doing so?

Chat #4 Transcript

Chat #4 Transcript is available on the site in the Forums section. Once again it was an enlightening, inspiring conversation. Thanks to all that joined and to those who had technical difficulties we hope they can be ironed out by next week.

Next chat Sun Aug 2 6-8 pm CST on Chapters 11-14. Namaste, Nancy and Jenny

Tweet Contest Finalists

Congrats to our two tweet contest finalists (you know who you are)! You will each win a copy of Yoga in America, our second book. For the rest of you, you still have a chance to vote for which of these two gentlemen will be the lucky grand prize winner and selector of book #3. Their tweets are listed below, please vote A or B in the poll to the right by Aug 1.

To the grand prize winner: Your choice must be a book that is style specific from one of the following styles (or another approved by us first). After picking a style please give us an email w/ two books, your first choice and an alternative so we can make sure it is accessible for all club members and available to get worldwide. If you are interested, you can also be in charge of leading chats and discussion questions for your chosen book.

Style choices:


The tweets to vote on are here:

A.) heart of yoga gets to the heart of it in a simple easy to read style a must read for any yoga practitioner or teacher


B.) The knowledge of Yoga is infinite like the Universe Desikachars ‘Heart of Yoga’ reveals its true essence by inspiring the practice of Yoga

Chat #4 Chapters 8-10 Discussion questions

Here are some discussion/thought questions for chapters 8-10. Feel free to add your own in the comments section. Happy reading! Namaste, Nancy and Jenny.

1.) How do you define yoga? If all of TKVs definitions of yoga contain “change,” how have you seen change become present w/doing yoga?

2.)How are parninamavada and satvada present in your practice? How do you encourage them?

3.) Which of the four forms of avidya dogs you most? How do you counteract it and is yoga a part of that process?

4.) Do you find yourself focusing on the steps to something, or merely the results? For example, do you relish the thought that you have done a headstand successfully, or do you enjoy the power, strength and presence that got you to that pose?

5.) TKV does not think gurus/swamis are the way, he definiesdhyana” as strengthening self-sufficiency and says that “Yoga makes us independent.” (pg 83) How does this conflict/compliment your approach? How can yogis that follow gurus/swamis work within this defininition/description?

6.)How in your practice do you work to reduce tamas and rajas?

7.) Have you noticed an increase in your sensitivity to suffering/issues as a result of your practice and dhuka? In other words, TKV says that those that are aware are more sensitive, do you find this about yourself and has yoga changed/helped/hurt this? (pg. 88)

8.)How do you encourage parivrtti in your practice? Do you go to different teachers? Do you go to different studios? Do you change your location w/in the studio/home?

9.) How does your practice allow you to see the difference between purusa and praktri? Do you suffer from samyoga? (pg 94) What can you do in your practice to clarify things?

Chat #3 transcript

Chat # 3 transcript is now available in the forum section of the ning site ( . We did not post it here because it is so long. Chatting was terrific! Next chat is next Sun 7/26 6-8 pm CST on chapters 8-10. Hope to see you there! Namaste’