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September 20, 2009

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(Sep 20-19:19) nancy: ok trying this again

(Sep 20-19:19) You have joined room:

(Sep 20-19:19) Welcome to our live chat room!

(Sep 20-19:19) nancy: ok trying this again

(Sep 20-19:19) You have joined room:

(Sep 20-19:19) Welcome to our live chat room!

(Sep 20-19:19) nancy: ok trying this again

(Sep 20-19:20) nancy: cool beans it’s working.. this ning site drives me nuts!

(Sep 20-19:20) whollyyoga: in many ways of the chapters in the first 100 pgs bob’s was the most well developed

(Sep 20-19:20) nancy: i loved the chapter by hilary lindsay

(Sep 20-19:20) Kris: In yoga saved my life… I enjoyed the reflection of watching Lilias Folan on TV – I did that as a kid, too

(Sep 20-19:20) nancy: oh… sorry.. talking about bob’s chapter

(Sep 20-19:20) nancy: i loved bob’s chapter

(Sep 20-19:21) Sevapuri: that one got me thinking hilarys one , is anything and everthing yoga, i got confused by her what is list

(Sep 20-19:21) nancy: what i liked about it seva is that so many different people in the us get different things out of yoga

(Sep 20-19:22) whollyyoga: all of creation including the individul is wonderful and  miracluous very  significant I think bob

(Sep 20-19:22) nancy: i think it’s less cohesive than it is other places

(Sep 20-19:22) Kris: Seva- I agree – some of the things on the list I get, but some I do not

(Sep 20-19:22) Sevapuri: but does that make what they get from yoga yoga,

(Sep 20-19:22) whollyyoga: BK said thegreatest micrale is life and it is staring right at us

(Sep 20-19:22) nancy: are you comparing say “the silence of meditation and the hip hop on the deejay’s playlist?”

(Sep 20-19:22) nancy: for example

(Sep 20-19:23) nancy: like if it’s meditation it’s yoga if it’s the deejay’s playlist is it still yoga?

(Sep 20-19:23) nancy: picking something random

(Sep 20-19:24) nancy: from her list

(Sep 20-19:24) nancy: i mean i guess what she was trying to say is that the definition of yoga is different

(Sep 20-19:25) nancy: and i guess i sort of agree with that…

(Sep 20-19:25) whollyyoga: Seva  i guess i found the answer to that in halli bourne yoga in truth is an excercise in awareness

(Sep 20-19:25) Sevapuri: i agree is awarness yoga

(Sep 20-19:25) nancy: andre that’s such a good one

(Sep 20-19:26) Kris: As I look at it again, I guess she is just saying what some may THINK yoga is, not necessarily what she, or we, may think it is…

(Sep 20-19:26) nancy: but i guess (to continue with the hilary theme) awareness of what?

(Sep 20-19:26) whollyyoga: so if yoga bring you a greater awareness of what is around you and you can appreciate the wonder and mystery in it all thenin a way yoga is in everything

(Sep 20-19:26) nancy: yes kris… it’s a list of differences in how people define yoga and that doesn’t mean they are good/right

Sep 20-19:27) whollyyoga: nancy -awareness of true self, wonder, the power of the moment

(Sep 20-19:28) nancy: so true andre… but some days can’t it just be awareness of the breath and the body

(Sep 20-19:28) nancy: and awareness of the other people in the room and their energies?

(Sep 20-19:28) nancy: some days it’s not internal for me b/c i don’t need it to be, kwim?

(Sep 20-19:29) nancy: but i think that’s ok b/c you come to the mat w/ what you have/are (ala tkv) and some days that’s just a need for breath and physicality

(Sep 20-19:30) nancy: and some days it’s a reflective place

(Sep 20-19:30) Kris: Isn’t it kind of like Maslow’s heirachy of needs – you can only accept the level you are ready for when others are satisfyed?  Sometimes you are just not in that place

(Sep 20-19:30) nancy: exactly kris

(Sep 20-19:30) whollyyoga: nancy – I think it does start iwththe body and the breath but as the awareness deepens then we present to the moment and connect withthe shared consciousness inthe room

(Sep 20-19:30) Sevapuri: we sure do develop awarness through our yoga practices,  when i am aware of my thought is that yoga,

(Sep 20-19:30) whollyyoga: my spiritual tradition calls that the movement of the spirit

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(Sep 20-19:32) jodi_mardesich: or now

(Sep 20-19:32) jodi_mardesich: hi guys!

(Sep 20-19:32) nancy: now i see you Jodi

(Sep 20-19:32) bob: Yes. For example, I just had a very spiritual experience polishing off my pint of Baskin-Robbins Peanut Butter Chocolate ice cream just this very minute.

(Sep 20-19:32) jodi_mardesich: hello!

(Sep 20-19:32) nancy: sorry about that… they changed it on us

(Sep 20-19:32) Sevapuri: Hi Jodi

(Sep 20-19:32) whollyyoga: Kris – it think there is truth to that they body adn breath may be the entry point but i think body awareness and breath can stimulate a deeper awareness

(Sep 20-19:33) whollyyoga: hi jodi

(Sep 20-19:33) jodi_mardesich: i confess i haven’t been reading the book. but wanted to join in anyway

(Sep 20-19:33) nancy: i’m still here taking all this in… just mutli tasking to transcript and w/ kiddo on my lap playing his nintendo ds so a little nuts

(Sep 20-19:33) Kris: Andre – sure, but maybe not always an automatic effect – maybe the person needs to be ready to open themsleves in that way, too

(Sep 20-19:34) nancy: Kris i think you are right

(Sep 20-19:34) nancy: b/c it’s like when you are dating… you have to be ready to be loved or it doesn’t happen.  w/ yoga you have to be ready to accept going inward/reflecting

(Sep 20-19:34) nancy: sometimes we don’t want to or aren’t ready/comfortable with it

(Sep 20-19:35) whollyyoga: Kris absolutely that is why I say I did not find yoga it found me

(Sep 20-19:35) nancy: jodi… we’re talking about Hilary’s chapter w/ the list of what yoga is

(Sep 20-19:35) nancy: and how it’s sort of an incongrous list to some of our ideas

(Sep 20-19:36) bob: I’m going to go find a Yoga book club that will laugh at my jokes!

(Sep 20-19:36) Kris: When new to yoga, I see most so preoccupied with how to physically get into poses, that’s all they can accept, then gradually they get that and hopefully can let the mind be free which can then allow them to open to a deeper inner experienc

(Sep 20-19:36) jodi_mardesich: bob: LOL!

(Sep 20-19:36) whollyyoga: BK was saying yesterday that  99.9 % of yoga is what happens off the mat

(Sep 20-19:36) nancy: bob did i miss your joke?

(Sep 20-19:36) jodi_mardesich: that’s a huge %. i wouldn’t want to discount what happens on the mat

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(Sep 20-19:37) whollyyoga: hi jessica

(Sep 20-19:37) jodi_mardesich: hi jessica!

(Sep 20-19:37) nancy: hi jessica

(Sep 20-19:37) nancy: i don’t think that 99% is a fair number

(Sep 20-19:37) Jessica: Hey everyone.  Had a hard time finding the app today.

(Sep 20-19:37) Kris: Bob – is there a laugh button – I’ll press it for you!

(Sep 20-19:37) whollyyoga: I tollay agree kris I got into yoga for something purely physical and found something deeply spiritual

(Sep 20-19:37) nancy: totally agree with jodi… i think the physical part of of the practice is still important

(Sep 20-19:37) jodi_mardesich: the physical is the gateway to the rest of yoga

(Sep 20-19:37) jodi_mardesich: but we live in our bodies

(Sep 20-19:38) <whollyyoga> sent sound: laughing

(Sep 20-19:38) Sevapuri: hi jessica

(Sep 20-19:38) Kris: Hilarious!!

(Sep 20-19:38) nancy: LOL @andres

(Sep 20-19:38) nancy: andre

(Sep 20-19:38) whollyyoga: that wasjust for you bob

(Sep 20-19:38) bob: Just kidding.  It was about the spiritual experience of just finishing off my pint of Peanut Butter Chocolate ice cream.  Maybe you didn’t know it was a joke.

(Sep 20-19:38) nancy: oh… i had kid drama right after that so didn’t get a chance to reply

(Sep 20-19:38) nancy: i feel about that like i do when i saw Andre’s pics of him w/ BK… jealous and wanting to be there

(Sep 20-19:38) whollyyoga: hey bob no just for many people ingesting anything with chocolate in it is a spiritual experience

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(Sep 20-19:39) nancy: hey carrie

(Sep 20-19:39) nancy: you’re here

(Sep 20-19:39) jodi_mardesich: a little background…. is BK mr. iyengar, or bryan kest?

(Sep 20-19:39) jodi_mardesich: hi carrie!

(Sep 20-19:39) Kris: Back to Jodi’s point – I’s like to add that what happens on the mat is not just physical – I hope for most, especially those who are more expereince, on the mat is far more than physical

(Sep 20-19:39) bob: got to go change the sprinkler.  Be right back

(Sep 20-19:39) whollyyoga: BK= brayan kest

(Sep 20-19:39) nancy: bryan kest… andre practiced w/ him yesterday

(Sep 20-19:39) jodi_mardesich: yes, true.

(Sep 20-19:39) whollyyoga: bryan

(Sep 20-19:39) jodi_mardesich: how was that?

(Sep 20-19:39) veganyogini: Im herem but only for a minute until the kidlets get their mess cleaned up, but maybe I can come back!!

(Sep 20-19:40) nancy: yes kris… i think this is true… the mat changes as your practice deepens

(Sep 20-19:40) whollyyoga: hey veganyogini

(Sep 20-19:40) veganyogini: hey andre

(Sep 20-19:40) jodi_mardesich: the “mat” becomes an altar in a way. it’s your place where you go within, whether it’s physical or spiritual

(Sep 20-19:41) whollyyoga: it is a conduit/pathway to a more mindful experience of life so we can appreiate every aspect of life even more

(Sep 20-19:41) Kris: As to Bryan‘s comment – I think that is wishful.  I think for many, many, the yoga is left on the mat, unfortunately.  I love his wish, though

(Sep 20-19:42) nancy: i guess the question i have is for new folks to yoga (i.e. beginner’s class students) how long until one can cultivate that deepness?

(Sep 20-19:42) Kris: I’d be happy if even 20% flowed from the mat into the world!

(Sep 20-19:42) nancy: i wonder b/c i’ve been taking them (beg classes) as an observer helper and the thought had occurred to me

(Sep 20-19:42) veganyogini: Kris, I agree, but I feel it’s my responsibility as an instructor to get people to take their yoga off of the mat

(Sep 20-19:42) nancy: how do you do that carrie?

(Sep 20-19:42) Sevapuri: agree vy

(Sep 20-19:43) nancy: what tools do you use? how do you guide them

(Sep 20-19:43) nancy: asking as a future YT

(Sep 20-19:43) jodi_mardesich: one way is intention. You set an intention, and invite them to take that with them throughout the day

(Sep 20-19:43) veganyogini: well, I can’t make them, but I add a lot of spirituality to my classes, I talk about mindful living a lot, I relate to them why we do the physical practice

(Sep 20-19:43) Sevapuri: If you just mention it like Bryan did then sometimes the penny drops

(Sep 20-19:44) veganyogini: I use a lot of readings, just a lot of reminders that asana isn’t the goal

(Sep 20-19:44) veganyogini: intention is huge jodi….I encourage each student to set their own intention and take it with them as they leave

(Sep 20-19:44) whollyyoga: yeah that is what he was speaking to Kris challengin gus to not do that to realize that the physical part of yoga was just meant to allow the body to spend more time in meditation

(Sep 20-19:44) Kris: I think it is our hope as teachers, and certainly what we try to do – it is really the indivdual and their ablilty to move deeper that will decide if it happens.

(Sep 20-19:45) bob: Does anyone ever complain that classes contain too much “spirituality”?

(Sep 20-19:45) veganyogini: agree Kris, it’s our job to facilitate it, it’s up to them to do it

(Sep 20-19:45) Sevapuri: i give examples of things like how they responded to that backbend is probalbly how thety aare responding to situations in their life where they feel they are carrying a load on their back

(Sep 20-19:45) whollyyoga: carrie that is what I do with my classes that are overly spiritual as well

(Sep 20-19:45) veganyogini: I’ve had very few people complain that classes are too spiritual…..but the funny thing is, even when they complain, they keep coming back

(Sep 20-19:46) Kris: Bob – I am really focused on the inner experience and always worry a little about that, but try really hard to use readings, meditaitons, etc. that fit within the context of the people that come – so far so good

(Sep 20-19:46) veganyogini: there are tons of other studios and classesin town they can go to, but they don’t, something always draws them back to mine

(Sep 20-19:46) veganyogini: I thin coplaints are just their way of dealing with something they aren’t comfortable dealing with

(Sep 20-19:46) whollyyoga: that is why i theme my classes putting some kind of intenion out there that ppl can connect to if they are ready adn willing

(Sep 20-19:46) Sevapuri: People come to our center because thay sense their is something more going on here. We dont preach  our spirituality but it infuses all our classes

(Sep 20-19:46) Kris: I have found that the more I focuse on the inner experience, the bigger the classes get – so I  guess there is a craving for it!

(Sep 20-19:47) veganyogini: sorry, my typing sucks tonight, I’ve been up since 3:45 and I think my fingers aren’t working anymore

(Sep 20-19:47) nancy:  bob i’m curious about what you’d suggest b/c you’ve really gotten to a deeper place almost w/ asana aside w/o doing formal studying…just on your own

(Sep 20-19:47) bob: I would think that if “too much spirituality” was  a problem for them, they’d complain more.

(Sep 20-19:48) veganyogini: I think if too much spirituality is a problem they’d just go somewhere else

(Sep 20-19:48) nancy: i’m interjecting here re: spirituality b/c my YTT covered some of that last weekend and some people had issues with “energy” and “gunas” and chakras etc.

(Sep 20-19:48) Sevapuri: agree vy

(Sep 20-19:48) veganyogini: there are a lot of not spiritual places around here, namely the gym and the hot yoga

(Sep 20-19:48) nancy: so think that the spirituality by BV or other definitions can be offputting to some folks

(Sep 20-19:48) Sevapuri: i think people will have issues that could be the point

(Sep 20-19:48) bob: nancy. I think that just my nature–I love to read and study things on my own.  But even I originally went to Yoga class to help me become more flexible for tournament tennis

(Sep 20-19:48) whollyyoga: VY that is because deep down they know that is what they really need BK said yesterday he doesn’t want  to help anyone strenthenthe things that are not good in their lives the things that darken the heart like competiveness and lack of self

(Sep 20-19:49) whollyyoga: acceptance

(Sep 20-19:49) veganyogini: yoga is a spiritual practice, how can that be offputting to someone that wants to practice yoga

(Sep 20-19:49) nancy: interestd in what Andre says about how these things (BGita themes, etc.) coordinate w/ his own personal spirituality b/c it seemed like that was an issue for some folks in YTT

(Sep 20-19:49) veganyogini: if they are put off by that, then they really just want to work out, right?

(Sep 20-19:49) nancy: my YTT teacher told me she went to yoga years ago just to get the arms Madonna has

(Sep 20-19:49) whollyyoga: VY you missed my comment about Bk earlier sayin that we westerners are trying to makeit all physical and not spiritual

(Sep 20-19:50) nancy: and now she’s doing deeply spiritual stuff

(Sep 20-19:50) nancy: LOL

(Sep 20-19:50) Sevapuri: agree  vy, but sometimes their response is to turn away from that ‘type ‘of yoga

(Sep 20-19:50) veganyogini: I teach a lot of students who are very much involved in their Christian faith, and if you practice yoga with an open heart and mind I believe it can strengthen your own faith in your god.

(Sep 20-19:50) bob: I was trying to prove in my essay that you could describe Yoga spirituality in some depth in plain English with no special words at all.

(Sep 20-19:50) nancy: it makes me think about Iyengar which has you start with only really mostly basic asana and you can’t even do pranayama until you get more advanced

(Sep 20-19:51) veganyogini: andre – I totally agree with BK, westerners make yoga way to physical

(Sep 20-19:51) jodi_mardesich: yes, sevapuri: people notice there’s something that we have that they want. they may not know what it is…

(Sep 20-19:51) nancy: so maybe you need to conquer the physical before you move to spiritual?

(Sep 20-19:51) shawnacr has joined.

(Sep 20-19:51) nancy: hi shawna

(Sep 20-19:51) whollyyoga: VY aboslutely right

(Sep 20-19:51) nancy: we’re talking about a comment Bryan Kest made when Andre (whollyyoga) took a class with him that 99% of yoga should be off the mat

(Sep 20-19:51) Kris: In my focus – it is about your inner spirit, connecting to who you are at your very best, etc. – spiritual experience that can be applied regardless of the specific religous traditions of each person

(Sep 20-19:51) veganyogini: nancy, no, you don’t need any of the physical to get to the spiritual. IMHO

(Sep 20-19:52) nancy: tying this into a chapter with a list of different things that define yoga for some folks

(Sep 20-19:52) whollyyoga: yoga is a spirtual practice the physical is just a means to the spritual end

(Sep 20-19:52) veganyogini: andre, yes, but the physical isn’t always necessary

(Sep 20-19:52) nancy: but maybe carrie you are a more developed spiritual person than others

(Sep 20-19:53) veganyogini: take the Sutras for instance, the physical asana is barely mentioned

(Sep 20-19:53) whollyyoga: BK there is almost know mentionof the physical except for sitting in meditation in the sutras

(Sep 20-19:53) Kris: There are plenty of yoga practicies with no physical elements (no asana) – bahkti yoga, karma yoga…

(Sep 20-19:53) veganyogini: and you notice that as yoga texts go, the “newer” as in written after the sutras begin to increase in asana

(Sep 20-19:53) nancy: so maybe for some folks just coming to the mat for an 1.5 hr practice is a way of becoming focus and slowing down the mind

(Sep 20-19:53) whollyyoga: VY great minds think alike

(Sep 20-19:53) jodi_mardesich: true. sthira sukha asana… that’s about it

(Sep 20-19:53) jodi_mardesich: they just know they feel good afterward. and they may not know why the keep coming back for a while

(Sep 20-19:53) nancy: totally playing devil’s advocate here…

(Sep 20-19:53) jodi_mardesich: years maybe

(Sep 20-19:54) whollyyoga: nancy – i don’t think itis one or the other just a progression maybe evbevn a cycle

(Sep 20-19:54) Sevapuri: do you think if yoga means union and we keep defining it as physical and spritual we are creating a seperatness that yoga is trying to meld togehter

(Sep 20-19:54) bob: I like to remember that many people have their spiritual needs met in other ways.

(Sep 20-19:54) veganyogini: nancy, i think asanas does more than focus and steady the mind, I think that it does teach us to handle difficulty with grace, etc.  But, I just don’t think it’s necessary

(Sep 20-19:54) nancy: i have heard that asanas came about for the monks to be able to physically strengthen themselves for long periods of meditation

(Sep 20-19:54) Sevapuri: is meld a word

(Sep 20-19:54) whollyyoga: nacy -right

(Sep 20-19:54) jodi_mardesich: yep

(Sep 20-19:54) nancy: but in our modern world there are other external challenges… so maybe just getting the physical practice of being on the mat going is a way to get deeper

(Sep 20-19:55) veganyogini: yes nancym you are right

(Sep 20-19:55) whollyyoga: hey seva it is the vulcan mind meld

(Sep 20-19:55) nancy: meld… mix together.. melt together

(Sep 20-19:55) nancy:  yes

(Sep 20-19:55) nancy: a

(Sep 20-19:55) nancy: word

(Sep 20-19:55) nancy: 🙂

(Sep 20-19:55) whollyyoga: wesetern thinking tends towards that kind of separation. what i know if eastern thinking is that it is much more wholistic

(Sep 20-19:55) bob: Hatha developed partly in response the Buddhist totally non-physical approach to meditation.  Hatha said “That doesn’t work–you have to prepare the body first.

(Sep 20-19:56) nancy: i see

(Sep 20-19:56) Sevapuri: Cant agree bob

(Sep 20-19:56) bob: I’m just quoting out of the introduction to our next book.

(Sep 20-19:57) nancy: seva.. where you work has a strong spiritual focus

(Sep 20-19:57) nancy: are the asanas strong and powerful, or more gentle and restorative?

(Sep 20-19:57) whollyyoga: but  i think there is a physical component to even buddist meditation

(Sep 20-19:57) nancy: i mean i’m very excited about BK but i think it’s kind of ironic that he’s saying 99% of yoga is off the mat and then leads a VERY physical practice

(Sep 20-19:57) nancy: hmm

(Sep 20-19:57) whollyyoga: chanting which is a big part of buddist meditaion is about physical vibration

(Sep 20-19:57) Sevapuri: Differant level easy yoga for beginners general classes and then experienced which means advanced

(Sep 20-19:58) veganyogini: nancy, I know you didn’t ask me, but I’ll answer you too. I practice and teach at a very spiritual studio, and the focus is definitely not on powerful physical asana

(Sep 20-19:58) bob: I don’t know enough about Buddhism to answer that.  But my Buddhist priest friend would agree that i

(Sep 20-19:58) jodi_mardesich: good point andre

(Sep 20-19:58) bob: it’s all in the head and Buddhism shortchanges the body.

(Sep 20-19:58) nancy: cool carrie.. thx.. i asked Seva in partic b/c i know he is part of a yogic community in Australia (based upon his website and his answer to yogadork)

(Sep 20-19:58) jodi_mardesich: don’t discount the physical!

(Sep 20-19:58) Sevapuri: but no matter what level there is meditation

(Sep 20-19:59) whollyyoga: nancy BK said that was the best questionany has ever asked him after one of his talks

(Sep 20-19:59) jodi_mardesich: vinyasa can be a moving meditation.

(Sep 20-19:59) Sevapuri: re jodi no discounting definately

(Sep 20-19:59) nancy: andre, the question i just asked about the 99% and the physicality of his practice?

(Sep 20-19:59) veganyogini: jodi, my studio teaches and practice vinyasa, but it’s not powerful, and it’s always encouraged to rest and restore if you need to.

(Sep 20-19:59) whollyyoga: then he said the answer is what someone else said before to teach us how to clam and present in our bodies so that we can learn how to take that aff the mat into the world.

(Sep 20-20:00) bob: Sorry.  It’s impossible to generalize about “Buddhism.”  Tibetan Buddhism, for example, which has closer ties to Yoga, is very physical.

(Sep 20-20:00) Sevapuri: gotta run love to all see you on twitter, try to catcht up this week with bob anfd jodi

(Sep 20-20:00) Kris: Jodi – but it can also be movement with no meditation – just doing it means nothing more than exercise potentially.  It depends on the person

(Sep 20-20:00) Sevapuri has left.

(Sep 20-20:00) whollyyoga: life is hard and challenging and if we are going to discover how to present and appreciate that is life we need to expereince that on the mat

(Sep 20-20:00) veganyogini: alright folks, love the convo, but kidlets have cleaned and need to get bathed and put to bed, I’ll try to make it back, but it’s not likely, Good night.

(Sep 20-20:00) nancy: man i wish we had a Bikram person here.. b/c i think it’d be really interesting to get their perspective

(Sep 20-20:01) nancy: bye Carrie!

(Sep 20-20:01) whollyyoga: nancy yes the quesiton about 99%

(Sep 20-20:01) whollyyoga: jodi that is what I strive for a moving meditation

(Sep 20-20:01) nancy: cool andre… so he’s saying sweat it out and get your mind focused and take it with you off the mat?

(Sep 20-20:01) veganyogini has left.

(Sep 20-20:02) nancy: i think this convo is so perfect as a reflection of the chapter by Hilary b/c she really lists so many different approaches to yoga and that is exactly what we’re talkinb about here

(Sep 20-20:02) jodi_mardesich: kris, i think if we present it as an option, it often becomes that

(Sep 20-20:02) jodi_mardesich: but yeah, not everyone is going to get that

(Sep 20-20:02) nancy: which again reminds me of why i liked that chapter

(Sep 20-20:03) Kris: Yes – we can only present it in the way we hope will rub off, and the rest is out of our conrol

(Sep 20-20:03) jodi_mardesich: and we should be non-judgmental about it too. 🙂

(Sep 20-20:03) whollyyoga: Kris yep that is so true and we can’t get attached to it or judge others if they don’t get it

(Sep 20-20:03) jodi_mardesich: andre! great minds!

(Sep 20-20:04) whollyyoga: there ya go jodi

(Sep 20-20:04) Kris: I wish for everyone to be able to “get there” but also realize I have to accept that people will get what they need at the time – and that may not be exactly what I wish for them

(Sep 20-20:04) jodi_mardesich: can i just say I love the connection we’ve found online. all of you. xo

(Sep 20-20:04) bob: I agree

(Sep 20-20:04) Kris: Here Here!

(Sep 20-20:04) nancy: but let’s face it… you go to a church and some folks will leave deeply spiritual and moved by a sermon and others will be glad that they can turn on their blackberry again

(Sep 20-20:04) jodi_mardesich: you guys constantly inspire me

(Sep 20-20:04) nancy: same is true with yoga

(Sep 20-20:05) nancy: agree to all jodi said!!!

(Sep 20-20:05) jodi_mardesich: so true

(Sep 20-20:05) nancy: 🙂

(Sep 20-20:05) whollyyoga: nancy as challenging as BK practice was it truly reflected everything he said in his talk. don’t look around at what anyone else is doing…

(Sep 20-20:05) Kris: Agree 100%

(Sep 20-20:05) nancy: and it’s no different than when i was teaching comm college biology… some students would still txt pals and others would have eureka moments

(Sep 20-20:05) whollyyoga: be aware of your won body adn where you are today in it be gentle with your body..

(Sep 20-20:05) nancy: you come to the mat with what you have and the teacher can’t always change that

(Sep 20-20:06) whollyyoga: appreaciteit for the miracle that it is and don’t harm it trying keep up with anyone else

(Sep 20-20:06) Kris: When I was with Bryan – he did a really funny thing – had everyone look around at the beginning at each other – get one last look if there is someone you think is interesting bcuz then you’ll need to just focus on your own mat – hilarious

(Sep 20-20:06) nancy: Andre… i’ll have to tell him you’re my pal next month…

(Sep 20-20:06) bob: I wrote a moment ago that some people have their spiritual needs met in other ways.  But in reality, those who are spiritual in other ways are probably the ones who get Yoga spirituality!

(Sep 20-20:06) nancy: yes bob

(Sep 20-20:07) whollyyoga: nancy I told him abouthe book club and that i was going to share his thought with you all

(Sep 20-20:07) nancy: and spirituality is different for all of us

(Sep 20-20:07) nancy: so some of us will take it to different levels

(Sep 20-20:07) nancy: some of us will just open up more of ourselves

(Sep 20-20:07) nancy: that’s why there is bhakti yoga practitioners and others who don’t need that… gurus and no gurus kwim?

(Sep 20-20:08) nancy: and then there will be ones who like learning about it all… take what they need from all styles

(Sep 20-20:08) whollyyoga: Kris he didi the same thing he said the only reasons we should be looking at anyone else is if we thought they wer a long lost sibling

(Sep 20-20:08) Kris: And we usually have little knowledge of all the “stuff” people are dealing with all the time that can cloud thier inner vision

(Sep 20-20:08) Kris: Andre – glad he changes it up!

(Sep 20-20:08) bob: Yes people are different.  I’d much rather read a new version of the Gita than attend a kirtan, for example.  For others it would be the reverse.

(Sep 20-20:09) whollyyoga: nancy & kris yep both have truth

(Sep 20-20:09) nancy: exactly

(Sep 20-20:09) Kris: I’ll take the reverse Bob

(Sep 20-20:09) nancy: i think our next book is going to be really interesting b/ i’m gathering it’s a much more spiritual approach

(Sep 20-20:09) nancy: am i right here?

(Sep 20-20:09) Kris: Meant that to be a big smile – oops, first attempt at this

(Sep 20-20:09) whollyyoga: As long as the stuff is moving us int a deeper spiritual practice it is all good in my opinion

(Sep 20-20:09) bob: What’s amazing to me is that all these personality differences were fully taken into account and embraced in the ancient texts!

(Sep 20-20:10) whollyyoga: hey shawn sorry i missed you did not see you come in

(Sep 20-20:10) Kris: There is really something for everyone – diversity is great!

(Sep 20-20:10) bob: The Hatha Yoga Pradipika covers everything from asana to samadhi

(Sep 20-20:11) whollyyoga: been busy trying to keep up with Üthe flow of the conversation

(Sep 20-20:11) nancy: I’ve had all of two seconds to look at it

(Sep 20-20:11) nancy: the HYP that is

(Sep 20-20:11) whollyyoga: oops sorry shawna

(Sep 20-20:11) nancy: but my teachers were talking about it so i’m interested

(Sep 20-20:11) shawnacr: no worries, hello

(Sep 20-20:11) Kris: Nanct – is your YTT every weekend or just once a month?

(Sep 20-20:11) nancy: hey shawna are you on twitter?

(Sep 20-20:12) nancy: my YTT is one weekend a month for ten months

(Sep 20-20:12) shawnacr: no, is there a group on there too?

(Sep 20-20:12) nancy: all i could do with two under the age of 6 or my husband might mutiny

(Sep 20-20:12) Kris: Sounds like a reasonable schedule

(Sep 20-20:12) nancy: no… just a lot of us do twitter so we know each other that way and like to follow each other there too 😉

(Sep 20-20:12) whollyyoga: will you have 200 hrs when done nancy?

(Sep 20-20:12) nancy: it’s intense for 3 days and then we get a brake

(Sep 20-20:12) bob: Shawn.  Yes, we’re all #yogadorks on Twitter!

(Sep 20-20:12) nancy: break

(Sep 20-20:13) whollyyoga: is it shawn or shawna

(Sep 20-20:13) shawnacr: I will join this week

(Sep 20-20:13) shawnacr: shawna

(Sep 20-20:14) bob: Sorry, I meant to type shawna

(Sep 20-20:14) nancy: you aren’t obligated to join twitter… just questioning b/c since a bunch of us are new members often are people we “know” from twitter but don’t know their “real” names here

(Sep 20-20:14) nancy: how did you find the club shawna?

(Sep 20-20:14) Colleen has joined.

(Sep 20-20:14) whollyyoga: welcome shwana glad you are here

(Sep 20-20:14) nancy: hi colleen!!

(Sep 20-20:14) jodi_mardesich: hi colleen!

(Sep 20-20:14) bob: Hi, Colleen

(Sep 20-20:14) whollyyoga: hi colleen

(Sep 20-20:14) Colleen: Hi – can’t stay long, need to try to write a memo and watch the emmys!

(Sep 20-20:14) Colleen: Sorry to interrupt!

(Sep 20-20:14) Kris: Glad you are both here’

(Sep 20-20:14) nancy: no worries… we’re just making introductions

(Sep 20-20:14) nancy: new folks this week

(Sep 20-20:14) shawnacr: I am starting a book club for our yoga community in Tulsa, OK and came across your site

(Sep 20-20:15) nancy: how great

(Sep 20-20:15) jodi_mardesich: how cool shawna

(Sep 20-20:15) nancy: what kind of yoga books do you read in your club?

(Sep 20-20:15) jodi_mardesich: are you a teacher?

(Sep 20-20:15) shawnacr: I need lots of help!  I don

(Sep 20-20:15) nancy: shawna you found the right site seriously

(Sep 20-20:15) shawnacr: don’t teach been practicing for five years now

(Sep 20-20:15) nancy: these folks are AMAZING and insightful and fun and sweet

(Sep 20-20:15) nancy: great great great reasources

(Sep 20-20:16) nancy: and lots of our regulars are not here tonight either

(Sep 20-20:16) bob: Shawna.  You definitely came to the right place!

(Sep 20-20:16) Kris: Colleen – there are some book suggestions you can find on the website

(Sep 20-20:16) shawnacr: We are just starting some have suggested the Alchemist

(Sep 20-20:16) jodi_mardesich: we started with the Heart of Yoga

(Sep 20-20:16) jodi_mardesich: awesome book

(Sep 20-20:17) nancy:  we voted on yoga books… heart of yoga, light on yoga and yoga mala were our top three nominated, heart of yoga won

(Sep 20-20:17) nancy: think it’s a must read for yogis

(Sep 20-20:17) Kris: FYI to all – the author of the one of the books I recommended (hidden meaning of asanas I think) is teaching at a conference I am going to in 2 weeks – I’ll take her class

(Sep 20-20:17) nancy: we all really grew from reading it together

(Sep 20-20:17) jodi_mardesich: Light on Yoga is also so great

(Sep 20-20:17) whollyyoga: i agree

(Sep 20-20:17) jodi_mardesich: all the iyengar books

(Sep 20-20:17) Colleen: Kris which conference are you going to?

(Sep 20-20:18) Colleen has left.

(Sep 20-20:18) shawnacr: thank you so much!  what a great group, very helpful so glad I found you guys!

(Sep 20-20:18) Kris: The Vancouver yoga conference (canada) – taking classes from Rodney Yee, Sean Corne, Jason Crandall, etc…  Will be a blast!

(Sep 20-20:18) nancy: jodi… is ashdyogi in ok city or tulsa?  can’t remember

(Sep 20-20:18) jodi_mardesich: jason crandall is great

(Sep 20-20:18) Colleen has joined.

(Sep 20-20:18) jodi_mardesich: nice

(Sep 20-20:18) nancy: lucky you kris!

(Sep 20-20:18) jodi_mardesich: i can’t remember…

(Sep 20-20:18) nancy: i think ok city

(Sep 20-20:18) jodi_mardesich: i think OK city though

(Sep 20-20:19) Kris: All the teacher coming are ones I have not practiced with yet, so really looking forward to it

(Sep 20-20:19) whollyyoga: Kris that sounds great

(Sep 20-20:19) Colleen: I missed the answer! The chat box covered up the “keep this window open” note and i closed the window lol

(Sep 20-20:19) nancy: there are a bunch of yogi oies on twitter

(Sep 20-20:19) nancy: okies

(Sep 20-20:19) Kris: Colleen – Vancouver Canada yoga conference

(Sep 20-20:19) Colleen: Ah thanks

(Sep 20-20:19) nancy: kris… what is the teacher you are seeing there from yoga in america?

(Sep 20-20:19) jodi_mardesich: jason crandall does classes for the staff of yoga journal. they are so lucky

kris… what is the teacher you are seeing there from yoga in america?

(Sep 20-20:19) jodi_mardesich: jason crandall does classes for the staff of yoga journal. they are so lucky

(Sep 20-20:19) whollyyoga: I would luv to do class with Sean Corne like how se approaches yoga as body prayer

(Sep 20-20:20) Kris: I have his DVD’s and downloads

(Sep 20-20:20) jodi_mardesich: she’s intense

(Sep 20-20:20) jodi_mardesich: she talks a lot. LOL

(Sep 20-20:20) Kris: She is also one that has been on my list to see, so glad to have the chance

(Sep 20-20:20) jodi_mardesich: but an awesome teacher

(Sep 20-20:20) nancy: jodi do you know when you article will be in YJ?

(Sep 20-20:20) shawnacr: I agree she is very intense

(Sep 20-20:20) jodi_mardesich: i think this week

(Sep 20-20:20) whollyyoga: jodi you practiced with her?

(Sep 20-20:20) nancy: online?

(Sep 20-20:20) jodi_mardesich: i went to one of her “off the mat, into the world” workshops

(Sep 20-20:20) Kris: Also taking a class with Nischala Joy Devi who we talked about recently

(Sep 20-20:20) jodi_mardesich: like two years ago in NYc

(Sep 20-20:21) jodi_mardesich: love nischala!!!!!

(Sep 20-20:21) whollyyoga: cool

(Sep 20-20:21) jodi_mardesich: i want us to read one of nischala’s books

(Sep 20-20:21) whollyyoga: intense practice or intense person

(Sep 20-20:21) jodi_mardesich: both, andre

(Sep 20-20:21) nancy: maybe we should read her book after hatha yoga pradikipa?

(Sep 20-20:21) jodi_mardesich: borders on preaching

(Sep 20-20:21) whollyyoga: i have her yoga journal practice dvd

(Sep 20-20:21) jodi_mardesich: The Secret of Yoga, or something

(Sep 20-20:21) nancy: jodi… i want you to send me a list of books

(Sep 20-20:21) nancy: ok?

(Sep 20-20:22) Kris: The Secret Powerof Yoga

(Sep 20-20:22) nancy: anyone who thinks they have a good list send them and we’ll add them to the blog

(Sep 20-20:22) jodi_mardesich: she does a female-oriented translation of the first two books of the yoga sutras

(Sep 20-20:22) nancy: then folks like Shawna can find them there

(Sep 20-20:22) jodi_mardesich: I will!

(Sep 20-20:22) nancy:

(Sep 20-20:22) Kris: I will send more favs – already posted a few

(Sep 20-20:22) nancy: speaking of which… how is the month of meditation going for folks?

(Sep 20-20:22) nancy: you

(Sep 20-20:22) Kris: on the website

(Sep 20-20:22) nancy: you’ve done a great job w/ that kris

(Sep 20-20:22) nancy: thx!!

(Sep 20-20:22) nancy: bob too

(Sep 20-20:23) jodi_mardesich: #nbcmm is kicking my ass

(Sep 20-20:23) nancy: LOL

(Sep 20-20:23) nancy: jenny and i wrote an article for Elephant journal abt it so hopefully it’ll be online this week or so

(Sep 20-20:23) jodi_mardesich: I’m reading Be Here Now by Thich Nhat Hahn at the moment, and finding interesting meditations

(Sep 20-20:23) Colleen: Not so well – but I definitely need it

(Sep 20-20:23) jodi_mardesich: oh yay!

(Sep 20-20:23) nancy: i think it’s been really interesting how different everyone’s approach has been

(Sep 20-20:24) jodi_mardesich: I led one in class today that was a body mindfulness meditation

(Sep 20-20:24) Kris: I’m going to order that one book I have heard is so great but out of print – dancing the body light – now rereleased with a slightly new title.  I’ll let you know how it is

(Sep 20-20:24) nancy:  shawna we have a month of meditation challenge via twitter where everyone tries to med once a day.  that way we can do it “together” in a sence and help each other along

(Sep 20-20:24) jodi_mardesich: acknowledging different parts of the body and thanking them.

(Sep 20-20:24) jodi_mardesich: i’m going to try to blog about it later

(Sep 20-20:24) nancy: jodi remember how Adam had us do meditation instead of savasana in that Anusara class?

(Sep 20-20:25) bob: I want to win the book.

(Sep 20-20:25) jodi_mardesich: yeah! that was cool

(Sep 20-20:25) jodi_mardesich: what book do we win?

(Sep 20-20:25) nancy: what do you all think about that idea?  b/c sometimes savasana feels like meditation

(Sep 20-20:25) whollyyoga: hey folks check out my articles on recent ones on yoga as medicine and yoga adn music festivals post a comment let me know what you think

(Sep 20-20:25) jodi_mardesich: i think savasana is letting go. not really mindfulness.

(Sep 20-20:25) jodi_mardesich: usually, at least, for me

(Sep 20-20:25) Kris: Do you mean he lead a seated meditation instead of savasana?

(Sep 20-20:25) nancy: two winning options; 1.) yogadork shirt or b.) Blossoming of the Lotus THN

(Sep 20-20:25) nancy: yes

(Sep 20-20:26) nancy: seated meditation instead of savas

(Sep 20-20:26) jodi_mardesich: i always feel cheated if i don’t get savasana

(Sep 20-20:26) Kris: I would miss it too

(Sep 20-20:26) whollyyoga: i incldue a little meditative thgouth to take off themat at end of my clases in savasana

(Sep 20-20:26) Kris: Both would be good for me

(Sep 20-20:26) nancy: well let’s be real jodi.. we both missed out on vinyasa in that class too so despite learning a lot we missed out on a bunch.

(Sep 20-20:26) nancy: 😉

(Sep 20-20:26) nancy: i have classes that usually do both

(Sep 20-20:26) shawnacr: sav then a few min meditating maybe

(Sep 20-20:26) nancy: i like tahat idea

(Sep 20-20:26) nancy: that

(Sep 20-20:27) Kris: Yes – that would feel better than no savasana

(Sep 20-20:27) nancy: in YTT we had to practice talking though centering which was really challenging

(Sep 20-20:27) nancy: talking someone through centering i mean… like you would in  a class…

(Sep 20-20:28) Kris: That is good practice for you all though

(Sep 20-20:28) whollyyoga: kris do you teach?

(Sep 20-20:28) Kris: Yes – I teach vinyasa

(Sep 20-20:28) whollyyoga: btw are you on twitter

(Sep 20-20:28) Kris: I am @heartfilledyoga  and on the web

(Sep 20-20:29) whollyyoga: aaahh got it

(Sep 20-20:29) nancy: Andre.. if you want to see who everyone is on twitter… look at their “my page” and they should have the option to list their twitter name

(Sep 20-20:29) nancy: jenny added that for all of us addicted to tweetin

(Sep 20-20:29) Kris: I’ll have to check to see if I did that!

(Sep 20-20:29) nancy: tweeting

(Sep 20-20:29) nancy: OMG.. total aside but the first night of YTT we had to tell funny things about ourselves

(Sep 20-20:30) nancy: one guy owns a horse farm and has never ridden a horse

(Sep 20-20:30) nancy: rode?

(Sep 20-20:30) jodi_mardesich: ridden

(Sep 20-20:30) bob: That’s hilarious

(Sep 20-20:30) jodi_mardesich: i don’t see where to add our twitter profiles

(Sep 20-20:30) nancy: anyway, i said i was addicted to twitter… bringing my cyber shala with me into YTT

(Sep 20-20:30) jodi_mardesich has left.

(Sep 20-20:30) nancy:

(Sep 20-20:31) whollyyoga: trying to make the connection between twiiter personas and here

(Sep 20-20:31) nancy: ok.. back to our book… Bob, by the way think this book is just wonderful

(Sep 20-20:31) nancy: it really brings up so many different discussion ideas

(Sep 20-20:31) Kris: And it is a fun read – easy to pick up from time to time

(Sep 20-20:31) nancy: and it covers so many different aspects of yoga

(Sep 20-20:31) bob: Thanks, nancy

(Sep 20-20:31) nancy: exactly kris

(Sep 20-20:32) nancy: i saw the HYP and i’m a tiny bit intimidated b/c it looks so dense

(Sep 20-20:32) Kris: I’ve peeked ahead and am looking forward to some of the essays still to come

(Sep 20-20:32) whollyyoga: yes it is s fun easy read which covers a braod range good thing I think

(Sep 20-20:32) nancy: so it often seems like we are going off topic/off book when really we are all just reflecting upon things that the book raises

(Sep 20-20:32) bob: nancy.  It’s important to skip a lot of the commentary.  The actual text is very short.

(Sep 20-20:33) nancy: oh you mean the HYP… ok, good to know

(Sep 20-20:33) Kris: My HYP is just the text with no commentary – a tiny sliver of a book!

(Sep 20-20:33) bob: Yes HYP.  Even I skipped a lot of the commentary.  And that impressed me.

(Sep 20-20:34) bob: Yes, just a sliver!

(Sep 20-20:34) whollyyoga: where is the best place to find that

(Sep 20-20:34) bob: Find what?

(Sep 20-20:34) Kris: It is online – for free

(Sep 20-20:34) nancy: the HYP?

(Sep 20-20:35) nancy: Seva suggested a version, but it’s like the Sutras I think … pick the one that works for you

(Sep 20-20:35) Colleen: Kris I think I found that free online version too

(Sep 20-20:35) nancy: so really we have only one more week of this book and then into the HYP

(Sep 20-20:35) Kris: Online version is the one like my book – no commentary, just text

(Sep 20-20:36) whollyyoga: kris do you have a link

(Sep 20-20:36) Kris: Will we go back go catch the rest of the sutras?

(Sep 20-20:36) Kris: I will get it – just a sec

(Sep 20-20:36) bob: If you only have the text, be sure to read Wikipedia on the Hatha Yoga Pradipika for great clear backgound information.

(Sep 20-20:36) nancy: kris… that is a really good point.  will talk to jenny about it

(Sep 20-20:36) nancy: maybe we should do a sutra before we move onto HYP

(Sep 20-20:36) nancy: what do you all think about that idea?

(Sep 20-20:36) nancy: week of sutra and then book #3?

(Sep 20-20:37) Kris:

(Sep 20-20:37) whollyyoga: thanks Kris

(Sep 20-20:37) bob: I think that’s fine, nancy

(Sep 20-20:38) nancy: Shawna… just so you are caught up with what we’re talking about… we had a contest and Sevapuri (who was here earlier but is at work in Australia right now) picked the Hatha Yoga Pradikipa as our third book

(Sep 20-20:38) nancy: we try to swap lighter with heavier reading

(Sep 20-20:38) nancy: and we voted to divide up the yoga sutras too

(Sep 20-20:38) nancy: so we are actually due to read the second oen

(Sep 20-20:38) nancy: any version you like

(Sep 20-20:38) Kris: I will be at the yoga conference that weekend, but would love to review the transcript if you do the sutras

(Sep 20-20:39) whollyyoga: I saw the online version but thought it was just a portion of the book

(Sep 20-20:39) bob: Heart of Yoga highly recommended verson of Yoga Sutra, shawna.

(Sep 20-20:39) Colleen: ok everyone – off to memo-write. Enjoy and I will be back next time!

(Sep 20-20:39) nancy: agree with bob!!

(Sep 20-20:39) nancy: see you colleen!

(Sep 20-20:39) nancy: in twitterverse too 😉

(Sep 20-20:39) whollyyoga: bye colleen

(Sep 20-20:39) bob: Bye, Colleen

(Sep 20-20:39) nancy: kris… we will have a transcript.. i missed the first sutra chat b/c i was out of town

(Sep 20-20:39) nancy: managing transcript for this chat as i type too

(Sep 20-20:39) Colleen:

(Sep 20-20:40) Kris: I think that is it – Andre – it even has the exact cover of my book.  Let me find the hard copy and see how many pages it has

(Sep 20-20:40) Colleen has left.

(Sep 20-20:40) shawnacr: thanks Nancy

(Sep 20-20:40) Kris: Book as 113 page not counting stuff at the end not part of text

(Sep 20-20:41) shawnacr: thanks bob

(Sep 20-20:41) bob: The Bihar version has 640 pages with the intro and commentary.

(Sep 20-20:41) nancy: sure… that’ s my job here shawna… to keep all folks up to date while still trying to keep convo going and relevant (although this is easy to do)

(Sep 20-20:41) Kris: Andre – looks like you are right – pdf does not have all the pages I guess – just compared with the book

(Sep 20-20:42) Kris: Has just the asana part, not the rest

(Sep 20-20:42) whollyyoga: kris yes it only has 32

(Sep 20-20:43) nancy: ok… so let’s decide.. one more week of Yoga in America and then we’ll do a week of book 2 of the sutras  (or chapter as TKV says) and then move on to HYP?

(Sep 20-20:43) nancy: we all like this plan?

(Sep 20-20:43) Kris: Chapter 2 starts on page 33 in the book

(Sep 20-20:43) nancy: in HoY?

(Sep 20-20:43) Kris: I vote yes

(Sep 20-20:43) Kris: Sorry – page refered to HYP

(Sep 20-20:44) bob: Try this link for full free version

(Sep 20-20:44) Kris: Thanks Bob

(Sep 20-20:44) nancy: cool… done… we’ll discuss YiA next chat… get our what we want to cover in the sutras squared away next chat do that for a week and then get going on HYP

(Sep 20-20:45) whollyyoga: thanks bob

(Sep 20-20:45) nancy: bob, will you email me that link?

(Sep 20-20:45) nancy: i can post it online so folks can get the free version

(Sep 20-20:45) bob: Sure

(Sep 20-20:46) whollyyoga: itis the same as the other

(Sep 20-20:46) bob: Let me check it out first.  I just found it with a google search and haven’t tried to download it yet

(Sep 20-20:46) nancy: ok… anyone who finds a good online version let me know and i’ll let the rest of the group know

(Sep 20-20:46) Kris: At least people can get a start if they have it on order I guess

(Sep 20-20:46) nancy: i already have a hard copy

(Sep 20-20:47) nancy: but lots of people would probably like a digi copy if it’s free, no?

(Sep 20-20:47) nancy: alrighty… will end this chat officially now… next week final chat on YiA, we’ll decide how far to cover in the sutras and then do that.. then HYP

(Sep 20-20:47) nancy: so here’s the schedule

(Sep 20-20:47) Kris: We have been chatting for 108 minutes – happy global mala everyone

(Sep 20-20:48) nancy: chat next: YiA

(Sep 20-20:48) whollyyoga: you too Kris

(Sep 20-20:48) nancy: then chat sutras

(Sep 20-20:48) nancy: then chat HYP (first of many)

(Sep 20-20:48) nancy: cool w/you all?

(Sep 20-20:48) whollyyoga: amazon has HYP for $12

(Sep 20-20:49) bob: Yep, scratch that link.  It advertises the whole book as a download, then just gives you the first part.  I’ll look for a full version later.

(Sep 20-20:49) nancy: Kris that is SOOO weird.. i was just thinking tonight that we should chat for 108 inutes b/c of global mala

(Sep 20-20:49) nancy: wish fulfillment

(Sep 20-20:49) nancy: a cool thing.  dedicating the chat and all the richness within it and you all to global mala..

(Sep 20-20:49) Kris: Perfect!

(Sep 20-20:49) nancy: alright you guys/gals… must go do other things.  will post transcript tomorrow


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