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September 27, 2009

(Sep 27-18:17) nancy: ok.. how is everyone tonight?  have we started talking books yet?
(Sep 27-18:17) Jenny: how far did everyone read?
(Sep 27-18:18) Jenny: no we shure haven’t, N! we were just catching up on the week for everyone!
(Sep 27-18:18) Kris: I only got to 156 this week – a little behind
(Sep 27-18:18) Jenny: shure? really, jenny? spelling fail.
(Sep 27-18:18) Jenny: don’t feel bad kris… i haven’t been able to open it up all week.
(Sep 27-18:18) Jenny: so i’m still back at 100
(Sep 27-18:19) jodi_mardesich: i’m sorta a fail with this book. haven’t been able to get into it
(Sep 27-18:19) nancy: since this is our last chat maybe there are ones we want to talk about and not worry about finishing it… YiA that is (re: last chat)
(Sep 27-18:19) nancy: jodi i’m with you
(Sep 27-18:19) whollyyoga: I forgot some btween 150 and 200
(Sep 27-18:19) veganyogini has joined.
(Sep 27-18:19) Jenny: i think that’s a swell idea nancy
(Sep 27-18:20) Jenny: hi carrie!
(Sep 27-18:20) Abby: still have’nt been able to get it bu i’m psyched to hear people’s reactions etc
(Sep 27-18:20) jodi_mardesich: i enjoy personal stories, a lot… but i’m looking forward to more meaty philosophy
(Sep 27-18:20) nancy: hey carrie
(Sep 27-18:20) jodi_mardesich: hi carrie
(Sep 27-18:20) Sevapuri: Door way to my spirit  was nice
(Sep 27-18:20) veganyogini: hi guys, can’t stay long, getting ready to feed the kidlets
(Sep 27-18:20) veganyogini: Jenny we’re having brussels sprouts in memory of you!!
(Sep 27-18:20) nancy: i agree jodi… ifelt like it was sort of all over the place and some were fluffy, some deep so it was hard to follow the whole thing, kwim?
(Sep 27-18:20) jodi_mardesich: exactly
(Sep 27-18:20) veganyogini: what are we chatting about?
(Sep 27-18:21) Kris: I used some of the doorway to my spirit in my  yoga class yesterday
(Sep 27-18:21) Jenny: seva what was that one about?
(Sep 27-18:21) whollyyoga: actually that is what I like about the book it has something for everyone
(Sep 27-18:21) nancy: talking about the book… YiA and how it was a tiny bit difficult to read for jodi and myself
(Sep 27-18:21) whollyyoga: you just have to wade thru
(Sep 27-18:21) veganyogini: oh, well, I haven’t read it…………..sorry
(Sep 27-18:22) nancy: i agree Andre there were some chapters i liked, but i kept getting distracted away… which doesn’t happen with other books.
(Sep 27-18:22) jodi_mardesich: i was hoping we had gotten back to the sutras. 🙂
(Sep 27-18:22) jodi_mardesich: my inner editor was resisting
(Sep 27-18:22) Kris: I liked to take it in bits and pieces – often do not complete books when cover to cover – so fit my style of reading
(Sep 27-18:22) Jenny: yeah i think it was a book hard to read from beginning to end.
(Sep 27-18:22) Sevapuri: where Jamie noted allthe things yoga was and how deepy it penetrated inhis everday life

(Sep 27-18:22) jodi_mardesich: you know what? it made me want to do our own version of it
(Sep 27-18:22) nancy: i think it was the jumping back and forth… maybe a better organization of it
(Sep 27-18:23) nancy: jodi i totally had same thought… stop reading my mind LOL
(Sep 27-18:23) jodi_mardesich: !!
(Sep 27-18:23) jodi_mardesich: i think fewer stories, and more in depth
(Sep 27-18:23) Sevapuri: This is like our version of it. Over the weeks our stories have  come forht in little installments
(Sep 27-18:23) Jenny: what a fun idea!
(Sep 27-18:24) nancy: and there was an organization that was lacking for me… like lighter reflections in one section, deeper ones in another and one with more of a telling of styles one (like the Bikram one)
(Sep 27-18:25) Jenny: yeah i didn’t feel like i really needed to read about certain styles, some… just bc i already practiced them, or i know or what have you
(Sep 27-18:25) nancy: also one issue i had was sorta like when I read authors like Raymond chandler: the thoughts just dropped off and i found it hard to stay engaged b/c there was no sufficient closure to some of them
(Sep 27-18:25) Kris: I actually kind of liked how it skipped around – never knew what the next one would  be like – different strokes for different folks
(Sep 27-18:25) Jenny: agreed nancy. some of them, i hate to say it, didn’t seem all that, well… well written.
(Sep 27-18:25) Jenny: i did like so many of them though, so i don’t mean to bash
(Sep 27-18:26) jodi_mardesich: i’m with you, jenny
(Sep 27-18:26) nancy: gotta say i agree jenny
(Sep 27-18:26) Jenny: it was fun reading things that others wrote that were directly in lign with my own experiences
(Sep 27-18:26) Jenny: line*
(Sep 27-18:26) Jenny: my spelling is awful tonight!
(Sep 27-18:26) nancy: they got 500 entries and picked these which sort of surprised me
(Sep 27-18:26) Jenny: but yeah… sometimes i kinda thought i could written something better. (doh! ego!)
(Sep 27-18:26) jodi_mardesich: which ones really worked for you? anyone…
(Sep 27-18:26) whollyyoga: but that is yoga in america some of it is quite precise some of it very sophisticated someof it raw and unpolished
(Sep 27-18:27) Abby: interesting idea jodi!
(Sep 27-18:27) jodi_mardesich: i’m glad you said it, jenny. 🙂
(Sep 27-18:27) Kris: So far – I found them interesting, but none really inspired me in a big way
(Sep 27-18:27) jodi_mardesich: we could do our own stories for the blog…
(Sep 27-18:27) nancy: i liked the one by the guy who taught in the basements
(Sep 27-18:27) Jenny:   i’m glad i’m not the only one who thought it now!
(Sep 27-18:27) Jenny: i liked skip the middle man and go directly to bliss
(Sep 27-18:27) Jenny: at least i remember i marked a lot in that one
(Sep 27-18:27) nancy: i thought he was really honest and yet deep
(Sep 27-18:27) nancy: he was able to find yoga in the most unyogic of situations
(Sep 27-18:28) jodi_mardesich: yeah. i liked that one. “boiler room yoga”
(Sep 27-18:28) Jenny: i loved Middleman because of how much she emphasized finding strength and answers w/in ourselves
(Sep 27-18:28) jodi_mardesich: and also the one on bikram, for its history
(Sep 27-18:28) nancy: exactly
(Sep 27-18:28) Jenny: i liked that one too nancy
(Sep 27-18:28) nancy: i liked the bikram one too. … i didn’t know all the stuff in that
(Sep 27-18:28) Sevapuri:  from a teachers perspective i thought it gave a great insight into the many ways people come to yoga and what they turn it into and what they take from it
(Sep 27-18:29) jodi_mardesich: good point, seva
(Sep 27-18:29) Jenny: i agree, seva. totally.
(Sep 27-18:29) jodi_mardesich: sometimes i need a reminder to really think about what the student is experiencing
(Sep 27-18:29) Kris: Yes Seva – I agree too
(Sep 27-18:30) whollyyoga: I was drawn to dawn muse
(Sep 27-18:30) Kris: We have our hope of what people will take away from the experience, but this is a good reminder that people  take a wide variety of gifts from the practice
(Sep 27-18:30) Sevapuri: cuse these are the types of people that we will see on the mat , all sorts of  people and i like how i had to keep my mind open to accept and validate their experience of yoga even when it was faaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr from mine
(Sep 27-18:30) whollyyoga: seva yeah that was it for me as well
(Sep 27-18:30) nancy: interesting
(Sep 27-18:31) nancy: it made me wonder what my fav teachers would write
(Sep 27-18:31) jodi_mardesich: ooh, i like that idea nancy!
(Sep 27-18:31) Sevapuri: i guess i really liked the ordinariness of some of the stories
(Sep 27-18:32) nancy: it’s funny seva b/c so many of them didn’t seem ordinary to me
(Sep 27-18:32) veganyogini: I didn’t read the book, but I like the idea of remembering that we all come to the mat with a different perspective, and as an instructor it is our “job” to create a positive nurturing environment for everyone
(Sep 27-18:32) Kris: And as we read, I’m sure we were all thinking about how we would write it too
(Sep 27-18:32) nancy: i wonder what it means that most of the ones i liked were written by men… hmm
(Sep 27-18:32) Jenny: i agree carrie
(Sep 27-18:32) jodi_mardesich: andre, just skimming dawn muse. it’s good.
(Sep 27-18:32) Jenny: the chapter about the girl that followed her guru and then lost it all… that one really put it into a light for me
(Sep 27-18:33) Jenny: not that i’m going to go around trying to be a guru or follow one
(Sep 27-18:33) nancy: carrie… some of the chapters were definitely not positive tho…
(Sep 27-18:33) Jenny: but it highlighted the reponsibility of being a good yoga teacher
(Sep 27-18:34) Sevapuri: maybe i should have said ordinary people having not so ordinary yoga journeys
(Sep 27-18:34) Jenny: too me it confirmed the idea that i want to instill in my students: that i play the music and cue the moves and lights, but THEY alone on their mats, create the space, the tranquility, etc
(Sep 27-18:34) Kris: Kind of like the movie Enlighten Up – didn’t really end up very positive either (sorry if that is a spoiler)
(Sep 27-18:34) nancy: i guess kris it’s hard to say if it was positive or not.. EU that is
(Sep 27-18:34) Abby: really Kris? that’s disappointing
(Sep 27-18:34) Abby: and yet somewhat more intriguing
(Sep 27-18:35) Jenny: i’ve heard a lot of folks didn’t think it was a great flick
(Sep 27-18:35) Kris: I had hoped he would fall in love with yoga – and that was not the case
(Sep 27-18:35) Sevapuri: Ive learnt in teaching yoga , you can never really know what goes on for people on the mat, and how the transformation happen
(Sep 27-18:36) Kris: But certainly an interesting journey…
(Sep 27-18:36) nancy: i think Abby, and Carrie (veganyogini) and i chatted about this one night… it’s hard to know what the exact point of the movie was and without that it’s hard to know if it worked or not
(Sep 27-18:36) Jenny: absolutely, seva.
(Sep 27-18:36) nancy: the film maker definitely had a role in that…
(Sep 27-18:36) Jenny: but i am getting my first glimpse as the, i guess, outside observer of transformation in some of my students.
(Sep 27-18:36) Kris: Yes Seva – and that we have to be OK with whatever they get and however they interpret it – each of us comes for our own personal reasons
(Sep 27-18:37) whollyyoga: jodi yeah to me it speaks to the commitment and deication/displine of pursuing a yoga practice
(Sep 27-18:37) Jenny: and it’s like, i remember myself and i recall that they may not even know they are transforming but i can see it happening, subtle changes in the way they carry themselves, speak, ask questions
(Sep 27-18:37) Jenny: it’s brought me a lot of joy and contentment this week!
(Sep 27-18:37) jodi_mardesich: andre, it’s inspiring me to do the pre-dawn practice again. it really is a magical time
(Sep 27-18:37) whollyyoga: Jenny yes that one was really eye opening
(Sep 27-18:37) Sevapuri: agree Kris, this was a huge learning for me
(Sep 27-18:38) nancy: i wonder how much teachers who have a stronger internal practice feel if their students want more physical.  brings up ? of Bryan Kest again…
(Sep 27-18:38) nancy: so many things to ask him in a couple of weeks
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(Sep 27-18:38) whollyyoga: jodi someone has asked me to teach a pre dawn class and at first i said no but hten told then i would consider because I remembered this ch
(Sep 27-18:38) whollyyoga: hi shawna
(Sep 27-18:38) jodi_mardesich: i taught sunrise yoga for 3 years. do it. it’s magic
(Sep 27-18:38) nancy: lots of people go to see BKest b/c of his physicality, power yoga… but he seems very much more of a yogi who goes deeper.  how does he balance what he thinks of yoga and what his students do?
(Sep 27-18:39) shawnacr: hello
(Sep 27-18:39) Sevapuri: what does stronger internal practice mean
(Sep 27-18:39) jodi_mardesich: hi shawna
(Sep 27-18:39) Jenny: hi shawna!
(Sep 27-18:39) nancy: hey shawna…
(Sep 27-18:39) veganyogini: sorry gang, gotta run, time to feed the crew, see you all on twitter!!
(Sep 27-18:39) shawnacr: hi everyone!
(Sep 27-18:39) jodi_mardesich: bye carrie!
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(Sep 27-18:39) Sevapuri: BYE VY
(Sep 27-18:39) whollyyoga: nancy i think like anything we change adn hopefully mature over time that is what BK said
(Sep 27-18:40) nancy: i  mean less focused on the inner development:  peace, space, focusing on yourself  rather than the physical thing of doing asanas
(Sep 27-18:40) nancy: sorry that last sentence made NO sense
(Sep 27-18:40) Sevapuri: LOL
(Sep 27-18:40) jodi_mardesich: it didn’t? 😉
(Sep 27-18:40) whollyyoga: jodi we will see i told them if they can find 5 other people i will
(Sep 27-18:41) nancy: i meant:  internal: focused, spiritual, working on space and personal growth (dealing w/ issues, energy, etc.) vs. physical asana and alignment
(Sep 27-18:41) jodi_mardesich: it is rough though. i gave up my 7 a.m. classes this past month because it was creating too much stress in my life. so watch out for the balance…
(Sep 27-18:41) Jenny: nancy, i think it’s hard for a teacher to take responsibility for anything like that. if a student wants a physical practice, then they can make it physical. kwim?
(Sep 27-18:41) jodi_mardesich: we need to teach from our overflow, not our well…
(Sep 27-18:41) Kris: Nancy – an example maybe – a student told me after class the other day – that was a GREAT workout – meant as a compliment, but for me – I would have rather she said that was a great work in!  Know what I mean?
(Sep 27-18:42) whollyyoga: jodi yeah I am not a real morning person just started doing a 9 a.m. class this month only a couple regular but it feels good so i am open
(Sep 27-18:42) jodi_mardesich: kris… they may not have realized what they meant. maybe workout is how they define feeling good? and don’t know exactly why they feel so good?
(Sep 27-18:42) Jenny: and then as far as the internal goes, we can say great things, and read wonderful quotes, but its again left to the student to decide how internal it is
(Sep 27-18:42) Sevapuri:  Theres a seperation going on when i think like that physical vs spritual, Yoga keeps telling me about union and i keep thinking how can i join them, like Jenny was saying last week about Anusara
(Sep 27-18:43) whollyyoga: the think for me is that I don’t think we find that deeper expression of yoga it finds us when we are ready
(Sep 27-18:43) Kris: True – and I accept the compliment because what ever she meant, she was getting something she valued.  So that is great
(Sep 27-18:43) Jenny: precisely andre
(Sep 27-18:43) Sevapuri: agree andre
(Sep 27-18:43) Jenny: we can only give what we have and let the students find their own dharma
(Sep 27-18:43) whollyyoga: SO all I can do is provide a path for someone and if they are supposed to prusue that path they will
(Sep 27-18:44) Jenny: seva, i am very intrigued by that union in anusara right now
(Sep 27-18:44) Sevapuri: work in love it
(Sep 27-18:44) Jenny: i’m looking forward to taking a class in colorado when i visit
(Sep 27-18:44) Jenny: love the “work in” too, btw
(Sep 27-18:45) whollyyoga: Jenny, seva it is all about union for me but that is not our cultural context America is all about separation
(Sep 27-18:45) Jenny: i totally agree
(Sep 27-18:45) whollyyoga: So we do this in yoga aswell as other stuff this is what BK was saying at the master class i took
(Sep 27-18:45) Sevapuri: in my tradition we talk lots about spirituality with reading from graet saints anf masters we do yoga as a means of preparing body and mind for the practice of meditation so its all a bout the inner journey.
(Sep 27-18:46) nancy: it’s interesting seva and jenny… my two experiences w/ anusara were NOT spiritual/internal at all
(Sep 27-18:46) Kris: And I agree that the work in element is probably not going to happen initially for most – it is a more advance and mature kind of practice that comes later
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(Sep 27-18:46) nancy: the focus on alignment made it very physical
(Sep 27-18:46) nancy: hey roseanne!
(Sep 27-18:46) Jenny: that’s interesting nancy
(Sep 27-18:46) roseanne: hi!
(Sep 27-18:46) roseanne: just arrived, sorry to interrupt!
(Sep 27-18:46) Jenny: bc all that i’ve read is all about the “opening to grace” etc
(Sep 27-18:46) Sevapuri: At anusara the teacher there talks from the the great saints and masters but then tells you hoe to align with that in Tikonasan id arhda chandtaasan in chakraasan
(Sep 27-18:46) Kris: My experience with Anusara is prretty uneven
(Sep 27-18:46) whollyyoga: that is what my TT style did my teacher had some anusara training and incorporated spiritual themes in our TT
(Sep 27-18:46) nancy: curious what jodi has to say about that b/c she did one of the classes w/ me
(Sep 27-18:47) whollyyoga: hi roseanne
(Sep 27-18:47) roseanne: heya… y’all talking about anusara?
(Sep 27-18:47) jodi_mardesich: i agree nancy
(Sep 27-18:47) jodi_mardesich: but adam didn’t mention grace, did he
(Sep 27-18:47) jodi_mardesich: ?
(Sep 27-18:47) Jenny: yes roseanne! any thoughts on it?
(Sep 27-18:47) nancy: roseanne we’re talking about Yoga in America
(Sep 27-18:47) nancy: but going on about different aspects and areas it brings up
(Sep 27-18:47) nancy: so currently anusara
(Sep 27-18:47) Kris: Have any of you joined yogaglo?  It is a sort of new online video site – tons of anusara classes there
(Sep 27-18:48) nancy: jodi.. hmmm grace?  not sure.  everything was about the inner spiral and where to position your body
(Sep 27-18:48) Jenny: oh i didn’t know about it kris! thanks for the tip!
(Sep 27-18:48) nancy: i didn’t feel like it had flow or anything other than physical stuff
(Sep 27-18:48) whollyyoga: flowing with grace imporatnt concept from anusara
(Sep 27-18:48) Sevapuri: Anusara als teach that if people are new then they  need to focus on the physical and as people  get into their bodied they will then open it up to the bigger picture. The anusara i go to ate for experience  people
(Sep 27-18:49) Jenny: well i will certainly report back after i take the class.
(Sep 27-18:49) nancy: the classes i did DID NOT flow at all
(Sep 27-18:49) Kris: John Friend was originally deeply Iyengar – so the alignment remains, but he adds the tantric – but in my experience, not all the anusara teachers do a good job of following it
(Sep 27-18:49) Jenny: i have been incorporating that idea into my classes this past week and have really gotten some rave reviews
(Sep 27-18:49) jodi_mardesich: it definitely didn’t flow
(Sep 27-18:49) jodi_mardesich: and the physical stuff was really unusual. that pigeon, for instance… remember?
(Sep 27-18:49) roseanne: yeah, i’ve had a similar experience in anusra to kris.
(Sep 27-18:49) Jenny: it’s not so much that we’re flowing (although for the most part we are) but i have been saturating my classes with intention and it has made a huge difference in the class energy
(Sep 27-18:49) Abby: which idea Jenny?
(Sep 27-18:50) nancy: jodi and i did an advanced level 2 class… so should have had more spiritual.  only thing we did even vaguely was meditation vs. savasana and that was new for them
(Sep 27-18:50) whollyyoga: going to go to an anusara studio by me tomorrow am
(Sep 27-18:50) Jenny: oh sorry, abby. i mean the idea of opening to grace
(Sep 27-18:50) jodi_mardesich: i did take one class with amy ippollitti in new york. and she has since gone anusara. it was much more spiritual
(Sep 27-18:50) roseanne: i think it depends on the teacher.
(Sep 27-18:50) roseanne: i love am ippolitti, she’s lovely!
(Sep 27-18:50) jodi_mardesich: she is!
(Sep 27-18:50) Jenny: been telling students what i read on the website “soften the body, open the heart” and then wording it differently than normally as i cue
(Sep 27-18:50) Kris: I have been to anusara classes that felt no different than an iyengar class though
(Sep 27-18:51) nancy: true.. i went to two men one of which had just studied under the other so probably not a good example
(Sep 27-18:51) Abby: very cool, jenny
(Sep 27-18:51) nancy: yes kris… how i would have imagined iyengar w/o props
(Sep 27-18:51) roseanne: i feel like anusara is different in canada… there are only 8 certified teachers here.
(Sep 27-18:51) nancy: exactly how i’d describe this class… loved the tips, wouldn’t want to do it all the time
(Sep 27-18:51) jodi_mardesich: nancy, i think adam’s class was very adam-centric. it’s probably not a fair assessment of anusara
(Sep 27-18:51) Sevapuri: intention is a huge concept that can change a class vibe around
(Sep 27-18:51) whollyyoga: has anyone ever done a class with john friend
(Sep 27-18:51) roseanne: it’s mmore “underground,” hasn’t quite caught on.
(Sep 27-18:51) Jenny: i absolutely agree seva
(Sep 27-18:51) Kris: Check out those classes on yogalow – there is even one from John Friend – they give you a free one month trial – then you can join for $18 a month and have unlimited views
(Sep 27-18:52) roseanne: yeah, i did a workshop w/ john friend this summer, loved him.
(Sep 27-18:52) jodi_mardesich: i did john friend videos in 2000
(Sep 27-18:52) nancy: jenny have you tried Elsie’s class?
(Sep 27-18:52) nancy: her podcast?
(Sep 27-18:52) jodi_mardesich: have wondered how he has evolved. 🙂
(Sep 27-18:52) nancy: how is it?
(Sep 27-18:52) Sevapuri: did a weekend workshop with him when he was in australia
(Sep 27-18:52) Jenny: i’ve never quite seen eyes light up at the end of class as i have in this past week or so, just but giving the class a group intention and consistently recalling it during class
(Sep 27-18:52) jodi_mardesich: how was it seva?
(Sep 27-18:52) whollyyoga: Jenny seva I always set an intention and teach around a theme it helps keep me from getting stale or just drifting and give folks something to focus on
(Sep 27-18:53) Jenny: nancy, i taught one of her sequences today. it was a huge success
(Sep 27-18:53) Jenny: however i didn’t actually listen to the podcast
(Sep 27-18:53) whollyyoga: Seva, roseanne how did your experince match up to what others have expreinced in Anusara
(Sep 27-18:53) Sevapuri: when i make an intention its not about me i can surrender  to the practice
(Sep 27-18:53) Jenny: i used my own intention that i’d built
(Sep 27-18:53) jodi_mardesich: andre, i love that. it really does help us too… and keep holding space for the students
(Sep 27-18:53) nancy: andre and jenny… that’s what my teachers here do… set intentions, tell personal reflections, give the class a theme.  very welcome by all
(Sep 27-18:53) Kris: In my teaching, I am definately inspiried by the ideals of anusara
(Sep 27-18:53) jodi_mardesich: seva, maybe surrendering is your intention?
(Sep 27-18:54) Jenny: yes kris. at the end of the day it’s the ideals i will like to keep with me. whether i like the class or not, i don’t think i’ll ever be able to give myself a particular style, outside of the umbrella of “vinyasa”
(Sep 27-18:54) roseanne: i
(Sep 27-18:54) whollyyoga: jodi yep that is it surrendering can be an intention
(Sep 27-18:54) jodi_mardesich: that has been mine lately. surrendering…
(Sep 27-18:54) Jenny: i’m a cherry-picking yogini, that’s for sure. but i think the ideals of anusara are beautiful and moving
(Sep 27-18:55) Sevapuri: John firen was awesome. there was this womwn large some sort of hip problem  got her in supported handstand in the middle of the room , you should have seen her face she was about to explode for joy
(Sep 27-18:55) whollyyoga: right now i am moving those the natural elements earth water done fire this week then air and spirit
(Sep 27-18:55) jodi_mardesich: we are SO blessed to have exposure to so many different styles
(Sep 27-18:55) Kris: Jenny – I agree – I like to take the things I love most about many styles and apply them to my teaching
(Sep 27-18:55) Jaime-Skippetty: heya! jumpin g in here, to add to the anusara chat. did a workshop with marc st. pierre, one of john fruiend’s first certified anusara teachers, and he says he remembers when anusara first started up – people were into alignment… then
(Sep 27-18:55) roseanne: i’m not sure how my expereince compares to others… i’ve been studying anusara regularly for the past 3 years, been really immersed in it. i love how it focuses on teh physical and spiritual.
(Sep 27-18:55) Jenny: andre that sounds like a wonderful theme!
(Sep 27-18:55) Jenny: fall is a great time to explore the natural!
(Sep 27-18:56) Jaime-Skippetty: they veered off into completely esoteric “opening from the heart” type of practice, and everuything was flowing, but it got dangerous coz people weren’t as aware of alignment anymore… so now it’s gone back to a place where it’s in balanc
(Sep 27-18:56) Jenny: roseanne that is just why i am so intrigued by it and can’t wait to try a class.
(Sep 27-18:56) whollyyoga: Seva that is another htink I think my teacher inherited from anusara the joy of discovering who we are in our bodies
(Sep 27-18:56) whollyyoga: that should be another thing
(Sep 27-18:56) Jenny: my practice has gone from very physical to very spiritual lately, and i’m looking forward to trying a style that supports that more
(Sep 27-18:56) Sevapuri:  Goodbye everyone, its hard to leave you all have a great week
(Sep 27-18:56) jodi_mardesich: i tried something new this week: taoist yoga, and it blew my mind
(Sep 27-18:57) whollyyoga: tc seva
(Sep 27-18:57) Jaime-Skippetty: bye seva.
(Sep 27-18:57) roseanne: later, seva!
(Sep 27-18:57) nancy: bye seva.. always great to chat!!
(Sep 27-18:57) Abby: take care seva
(Sep 27-18:57) shawnacr: bye seva
(Sep 27-18:57) jodi_mardesich: bye!
(Sep 27-18:57) Jenny: really jodi? what’s that like?
(Sep 27-18:57) Jenny: bye seva!
(Sep 27-18:57) whollyyoga: don’t know what that is jodi explain
(Sep 27-18:57) Sevapuri has left.
(Sep 27-18:57) nancy: is the taoist like Damon Honeycutt?
(Sep 27-18:57) jodi_mardesich: the teacher described it as “if tai chi, chi gong, and kung fu had a child with hatha”
(Sep 27-18:57) Kris: I hope that my classes are more spiritual than physical – I always say that the poses are not the goal – only the means to the goal – and hardly focus on alignment at all – at least, that is my intention
(Sep 27-18:57) Jaime-Skippetty: hey guys, sorry i wasn’t on for too long either, but i’ve gotta jump off too. work’s gotten manic the past few weeks. enjoy the chat, can’t wait to read the transcript. xxx
(Sep 27-18:57) jodi_mardesich: bye jaime!
(Sep 27-18:57) whollyyoga: Jenny it has been great focused on being rooted strong and connected tothe earth first week
(Sep 27-18:58) roseanne: yeah, i often find that “physical yoga” neglects the spiritual, and “spiritual yoga” has pays no attention to alignment, anatomy, etc.
(Sep 27-18:58) jodi_mardesich: it was very energy-focused.
(Sep 27-18:58) Jenny: bye jaime!
(Sep 27-18:58) nancy: yes jodi… my teachers trained in that too!!
(Sep 27-18:58) Jaime-Skippetty: jodi – that almost sounds like shadow yoga in a way?
(Sep 27-18:58) nancy: wild stuff
(Sep 27-18:58) jodi_mardesich: lots of cultivation of prana
(Sep 27-18:58) jodi_mardesich: what is shadow yoga?
(Sep 27-18:58) Jaime-Skippetty: ok, ok… bye! (arghhh! so hard to leave!)
(Sep 27-18:58) whollyyoga: learning to flow with strength and flexibilty like water 2nd wk
(Sep 27-18:58) jodi_mardesich: nancy. we are such twins
(Sep 27-18:58) roseanne has left.
(Sep 27-18:58) whollyyoga: bye jaime
(Sep 27-18:58) Jenny: wow andre… i think that i may have to borrow this theme from you! that sounds really moving.
(Sep 27-18:58) nancy: they said they worked in the round… always in a circle
(Sep 27-18:58) nancy: indeed
(Sep 27-18:58) nancy: :_)
(Sep 27-18:58) nancy: :_)
(Sep 27-18:59) nancy: oops… what is my typing problem:  🙂
(Sep 27-18:59) jodi_mardesich: his name is matthew cohen
(Sep 27-18:59) whollyyoga: Jenny yeah it is something to take off the mat as well
(Sep 27-18:59) jodi_mardesich: runs sacred energy arts in so cal.
(Sep 27-18:59) Jaime-Skippetty: jodi – click on shadow yoga link on bottom left – it’s also a mix of chinese martial arts and hataha yoga.
(Sep 27-18:59) whollyyoga: Jenny be my guest I got the idea after exploring the bhutas
(Sep 27-18:59) Jenny: yes roseanne, it seems to me, from what i’ve looked at online, that anusara is a nice blend of spiritual yoga and physical. so it is strong and alignment focused, but also very much about opening up the heart
(Sep 27-18:59) jodi_mardesich: ooh thanks jaime
(Sep 27-18:59) Jaime-Skippetty: OK, for the final time. BYE!
(Sep 27-18:59) Jaime-Skippetty has left.
(Sep 27-19:00) jodi_mardesich: bhutas?
(Sep 27-19:00) Jenny: andre i wonder if you wouldn’t fwd me some info about how you sequenced those classes?
(Sep 27-19:00) jodi_mardesich: me too!
(Sep 27-19:00) Jenny: i’d like to see an example, because it sounds so very wonderful
(Sep 27-19:00) roseanne has joined.
(Sep 27-19:00) Kris: Maybe andre, you could post to the NBC blog??
(Sep 27-19:01) nancy: what did you think jodi?  the teacher my teachers studied with is named Damon Honeycutt… he is with a place “Temple of the Monkey” i think
(Sep 27-19:01) whollyyoga: jenyy sure no problem
(Sep 27-19:01) jodi_mardesich: i LOVED it
(Sep 27-19:01) whollyyoga: nancy ok
(Sep 27-19:01) jodi_mardesich: we did all this chi cultivation
(Sep 27-19:01) Jenny: excellent! i’ll DM you my email, ok?
(Sep 27-19:01) jodi_mardesich: and i learned some new mudras
(Sep 27-19:01) Jenny: oh yeah, N that’s a better idea!
(Sep 27-19:01) whollyyoga: jodi the natural elements in sanskrit
(Sep 27-19:01) jodi_mardesich: i’ll have to google damon honeycutt
(Sep 27-19:02) nancy: what why is everyone saying “N that’s a better idea?”  what did i miss?
(Sep 27-19:02) jodi_mardesich: never heard of the bhutas. yikes
(Sep 27-19:02) Jenny: oh bc i asked andre to fwd me info about his classes he’s doing on earth, water, fire, air, spirit
(Sep 27-19:02) Jenny: and i think lots of ppl want to see what it’s about
(Sep 27-19:03) whollyyoga: bhutas
(Sep 27-19:03) Jenny: so maybe andre, you can send it to me and we could put something up on the blog?
(Sep 27-19:03) whollyyoga: Jenny sure
(Sep 27-19:03) jodi_mardesich: andre, how are they related to the gunas?
(Sep 27-19:04) whollyyoga: jodi they are the five “great” elements present in allthe major religious streams
(Sep 27-19:04) jodi_mardesich: i get that. earth water fire air space
(Sep 27-19:05) nancy: jodi.. damon honeycutt learned from Paulie Zink
(Sep 27-19:05) jodi_mardesich: i just wonder how they relate to the gunas–the qualities of nature
(Sep 27-19:05) jodi_mardesich: can air be tamasic?
(Sep 27-19:05) jodi_mardesich: or am i mixing ideas here?
(Sep 27-19:05) jodi_mardesich: ok, need to google paulie zink. 🙂
(Sep 27-19:06) whollyyoga: jodi the lelemnts are connects to the senses (gunas) they are how we perceive reality as TKV would say
(Sep 27-19:07) nancy: wow… my teacher was talking yesterday about how yoga shows up in your life in so many ways… my YTT the first wkend was a lot about gunas
(Sep 27-19:07) whollyyoga: the gunas are how we perceive i should say the bhtua are the natural expressions of that reality at least thatis how i undersatnd it
(Sep 27-19:08) whollyyoga: where is bob when we need him
(Sep 27-19:08) Jenny: lol andre
(Sep 27-19:08) nancy: he has family visiting so can’t be here.. he’ll be SOOO bummed!
(Sep 27-19:08) shawnacr has left.
(Sep 27-19:08) jodi_mardesich: damn
(Sep 27-19:09) shawnacr has joined.
(Sep 27-19:09) whollyyoga: here is a better link that shows the connection between the senses adn the elements  the Mahābhūta or great elements
(Sep 27-19:09) whollyyoga: wb shawna
(Sep 27-19:09) shawnacr: thx
(Sep 27-19:10) jodi_mardesich: thanks andre
(Sep 27-19:11) jodi_mardesich: am still fixated on the question: can air be tamasic? 😉
(Sep 27-19:11) whollyyoga: well next time he needs to get his prioroties straight
(Sep 27-19:11) whollyyoga: can you say some more about that jodi
(Sep 27-19:11) nancy: why can’t air be tamasic?
(Sep 27-19:11) jodi_mardesich: i guess it depends on the definition
(Sep 27-19:11) nancy: it was defined for me as “inertia”
(Sep 27-19:11) jodi_mardesich: tamas is slow, lethargic, dark, inert
(Sep 27-19:12) nancy: LOL
(Sep 27-19:12) jodi_mardesich: so i guess, why not?
(Sep 27-19:12) shawnacr: WY are they related to areuveda
(Sep 27-19:12) jodi_mardesich: i just think of air related to vata — which seems the opposite of tamasic
(Sep 27-19:13) whollyyoga: right i gues for me it comes down to what TKV says in HOY this stuff can be tamasic when we confuse the perciever withthe perception
(Sep 27-19:13) jodi_mardesich: shawna, seems like they should be!
(Sep 27-19:13) jodi_mardesich: ah. i was just reading that today, andre. funny(Sep 27-19:14) whollyyoga: I think theyare more verdic that ayurvedic
(Sep 27-19:14) jodi_mardesich: “the absence of clarity in distinguishing between what perceives and what is perceived is due to the accumulation of misapprehension” (sutra 2:24)
(Sep 27-19:14) whollyyoga: Jodi so it is not the air that ia tamasic but our perception of it
(Sep 27-19:15) nancy: nice andre… that makes a lot of sense
(Sep 27-19:15) jodi_mardesich: 🙂

(Sep 27-19:16) jodi_mardesich: but vata, pitta and kapha are defined by the elements, aren’t they? so it ties to ayurveda
(Sep 27-19:16) whollyyoga: so if we hold our breath whenwe are in a challenging posture there is nothing tamasic about the air but our perceptionof wherewe are in our body causes us to hold our breath adn that is tamasic
(Sep 27-19:16) whollyyoga: does that make any sense?
(Sep 27-19:16) jodi_mardesich: hmm
(Sep 27-19:17) nancy: or is it the holding of the breath that is the tamasic part… not our perception of it?
(Sep 27-19:17) jodi_mardesich: holding breath can be either rajasic or tamasic.
(Sep 27-19:17) bob has joined.
(Sep 27-19:17) whollyyoga: Jodi you are probably right I don’t know enuf about ayurveda tp say
(Sep 27-19:17) jodi_mardesich: bob! where have you been?
(Sep 27-19:18) nancy: bob… OMG they need your input.. we’re all gunas and tamasic energy here
(Sep 27-19:18) bob: Had a lot of family in town today.
(Sep 27-19:18) whollyyoga: right so it is the inteniotn behind it which comes formour connection theperception that makes the difference
(Sep 27-19:18) Abby: hahaha
(Sep 27-19:18) whollyyoga: heeey bob right on cue
(Sep 27-19:18) jodi_mardesich: were your ears burning?
(Sep 27-19:19) whollyyoga: so my last statement made no sense i think
(Sep 27-19:19) whollyyoga: what I mean to say is if we hold our breath because we araid or attached in a posture it is tamasic no?
(Sep 27-19:20) nancy: bob… jody wanted to know if air can be tamasic
(Sep 27-19:20) bob: Not sure I understand the question.
(Sep 27-19:20) jodi_mardesich: i think if holding the breath becomes stressful, that is different than when you are super relaxed and holding the breath feels like heaven
(Sep 27-19:20) whollyyoga: But if we are practing control over the breath as in uddiyama pranayama then it is rajasic
(Sep 27-19:20) bob: No, make that, I’m sure I don’t understand the question!
(Sep 27-19:20) jodi_mardesich: we were talking about the bhutas and their relation to the gunas
(Sep 27-19:21) jodi_mardesich: i don’t either. 🙂
(Sep 27-19:21) whollyyoga:   we have gone waaay deeper that any of us can swim in yoga philoosphy i fear
(Sep 27-19:22) whollyyoga: But that is OK we can just float
(Sep 27-19:22) jodi_mardesich: yeah.
(Sep 27-19:22) bob: I hesitate to jump in, but if I did I would say the goal of all pranayama is sattvic, that is, clarity, sometimes refered to a luminescence
(Sep 27-19:23) jodi_mardesich: we’re all meditating
(Sep 27-19:23) jodi_mardesich: savoring the pause. 🙂
(Sep 27-19:23) whollyyoga: bob agreed but not everyone has that intention with the breath right
(Sep 27-19:24) nancy: however if you do lots of pranayama you can raise your rajasic energy so be careful
(Sep 27-19:24) whollyyoga: some people can’t access that right away
(Sep 27-19:24) nancy: we did TONS of pranayama on the Sunday of my YTT and we all spend days coming down from all that raised energy.
(Sep 27-19:25) nancy: seriously i listened to music on the way, and then on the way home it was blaring.. i never touched the dial.  i got uber sensitive
(Sep 27-19:25) jodi_mardesich: matthew cohen told us (in that taoist yoga workshop i was in) that even ujayii can be stressful if we’re not ready for it
(Sep 27-19:25) nancy: so pranayama while having the goal of sattvic energy can really elevate rajasic too
(Sep 27-19:25) Jenny: it’s true, i’d agree, jodi
(Sep 27-19:25) jodi_mardesich: totally! think about kapalabhati
(Sep 27-19:25) jodi_mardesich: it’s super energizing
(Sep 27-19:26) Jenny: i had some girls today asking me to explain yogic breathing more fully today and all the breathing techniques
(Sep 27-19:26) Jenny: i told them we’d start with ujayi bc that could often be just plenty
(Sep 27-19:26) jodi_mardesich: aha. hence, air can be rajasic and sattvic! (and probably tamasic too)
(Sep 27-19:26) Jenny: soo… breath is everything.   what do ya know!
(Sep 27-19:27) jodi_mardesich: i had never considered that ujayii could be too much or some
(Sep 27-19:27) jodi_mardesich: for some, i meant
(Sep 27-19:27) whollyyoga: yep there you go
(Sep 27-19:27) bob: Personally I don’t think of all energy being raja, only sefish, goal oriented energy.
(Sep 27-19:27) Jenny: well, for instance— these girls didn’t even know they weren’t breathing into their diaphragms
(Sep 27-19:27) Jenny: i actually started with 3 part breath because they were doing the classic suck it in as you inhale thing
(Sep 27-19:27) Kris: Bob – say more aboiut that…
(Sep 27-19:28) whollyyoga: but these are all differeing levels of awareness and perception (tamas, rajas,sattva) no?
(Sep 27-19:29) bob: OK, but I’m not the world’s expert on this!  Think of the energy of feeling the wonder of the universe.  The energy is overpowering, but it’s clearly clarity, or sattvic.
(Sep 27-19:30) Kris: I see – thanks bob for saying more
(Sep 27-19:30) whollyyoga: so people who are not aware that they arenot breathing from diaphragm can’t access sattva
(Sep 27-19:30) whollyyoga: IMHO
(Sep 27-19:30) jodi_mardesich: interesting thought.
(Sep 27-19:30) Jenny: i would tend to agree, andre
(Sep 27-19:30) whollyyoga: isn’t that is why we practice pranayama
(Sep 27-19:31) Jenny: i think so
(Sep 27-19:31) Jenny: and all that means is that is the starting point of a person in that position
(Sep 27-19:31) jodi_mardesich: but when the breath quiets so much that you are hardly breathing, can’t you access sattva then?
(Sep 27-19:31) nancy: ok… but not everyone knows where their diaphragm is guys/gals… i taught comm college biology so i know
(Sep 27-19:31) Jenny: that’s where they are and from where they will be moving fwd
(Sep 27-19:31) nancy: maybe they are doing that kind of breathing but don’t realize it
(Sep 27-19:31) Jenny: no no nancy, that’s exactly what the case was today
(Sep 27-19:32) Jenny: they knew where it is, but not how to fully utilize it
(Sep 27-19:32) bob: I associate raja with goal oriented self-centered energy and sattva with universal life-force energy
(Sep 27-19:32) Jenny: their challenge is to break their pattern of breathing incorrectly
(Sep 27-19:32) Jenny: and the best part was is they had this new found awareness. bc they came to me and said they noticed their struggles lately in classes
(Sep 27-19:32) Jenny: and they had zeroed it in on the breath
(Sep 27-19:32) Kris: When stressed, most do not breathe diapramatically – right?
(Sep 27-19:33) Jenny: so really, it was very yogic of these girls to find that, it hink
(Sep 27-19:33) Jenny: i think*
(Sep 27-19:33) jodi_mardesich: i associate rajas with activity, not necessarily ego-focused
(Sep 27-19:33) nancy: i think TKV’s pranayama chapter in HoY is great for that stuff
(Sep 27-19:33) bob: I think the gunas are more about qualities of the mind than qualities of action.
(Sep 27-19:33) whollyyoga: bob i would agree i’m just thinking that we probably move thru tamasic type breath to rajasic tyoe breath to sattvic type breath as we deeper awareness and let go of perceptions
(Sep 27-19:33) whollyyoga: does that make sense
(Sep 27-19:34) whollyyoga: Jenny right
(Sep 27-19:34) Jenny: yeah i would totally agree
(Sep 27-19:34) Abby: Sorry I’m so quiet- I’m gonna head out and take care of some stuff
(Sep 27-19:34) Abby: have a lovely week everyone!
(Sep 27-19:35) jodi_mardesich: i thought they were the qualities of nature. hadn’t considered them related to the mind. interesting
(Sep 27-19:35) whollyyoga: bob right but they are connected it is the quality of hte mind or intention that makes the difference thats what I am saying
(Sep 27-19:35) jodi_mardesich: bye abby!
(Sep 27-19:35) whollyyoga: cya abby
(Sep 27-19:35) nancy: jbye abby… so great having you here
(Sep 27-19:35) Jenny: bye abby!
(Sep 27-19:36) whollyyoga: they ae all all interconnected no
(Sep 27-19:36) whollyyoga: they are all interconnected right?
(Sep 27-19:36) Abby has left.
(Sep 27-19:36) whollyyoga: breath is an expression of the quality of the mind
(Sep 27-19:36) Jenny: i definitely think they’re connected
(Sep 27-19:37) bob: I have trouble associating the gunas with qualities of breath, since to me that is an action.  To me, even an energetic breath can be sattva if it produces clarity of mind.
(Sep 27-19:37) whollyyoga: they is why we practice pranayama to center our mind
(Sep 27-19:37) whollyyoga: that is why
(Sep 27-19:37) bob: I want to reiterate that I only know of the gunas from the Gita and the Upanishads.  I’m not aware of the other applications of the terms.

(Sep 27-19:39) jodi_mardesich: i was thinking about rajas and tapas (not tamas), and realized that if TKV were here, he’d think I sounded like a four year old
(Sep 27-19:39) bob: Jodi, I would say, yes, they are qualities of natue, and the mind is an instance of nature.
(Sep 27-19:40) nancy: jodi… these are very esoteric and difficult concepts to understand.
(Sep 27-19:40) roseanne has left.
(Sep 27-19:40) jodi_mardesich: but i googled rajas and tapas, and there are different instances of tapas (burning devotion) — and they are related to rajas, tamas, and sattva
(Sep 27-19:40) jodi_mardesich: my brain is about to explode
(Sep 27-19:41) jodi_mardesich: sorry guys
(Sep 27-19:41) whollyyoga: jodi just breathe
(Sep 27-19:41) nancy: listen all.. i need to go…
(Sep 27-19:41) Jenny: lol
(Sep 27-19:41) nancy: but i wanted to just go throught the coming three weeks
(Sep 27-19:41) Jenny: that was a heavy convo!
(Sep 27-19:41) nancy: ok.. next week:  Yoga Sutras book #2
(Sep 27-19:41) jodi_mardesich: shiiiit yeah
(Sep 27-19:42) nancy: then we’ll have a week of free chat b/c, Jenny and I are both MIA and Seva has a conf to go to
(Sep 27-19:42) Jenny: but it thrills me to see how much this stuff gets us thinking!
(Sep 27-19:42) nancy: so we’ll start HYP Oct 19 chatting
(Sep 27-19:42) <whollyyoga> sent sound: waahh
(Sep 27-19:42) Jenny: LOL andre
(Sep 27-19:42) nancy: LOL
(Sep 27-19:42) nancy: OMG
(Sep 27-19:42) nancy: TOO FUNNY
(Sep 27-19:42) jodi_mardesich: oh good. we need some time for HYP
(Sep 27-19:42) whollyyoga: for you jodi
(Sep 27-19:42) shawnacr: lol
(Sep 27-19:42) jodi_mardesich: thanks!
(Sep 27-19:42) Jenny: lolol
(Sep 27-19:42) <jodi_mardesich> sent sound: babygiggle
(Sep 27-19:43) Jenny: yeah i think that will give folks plenty of time to get reading
(Sep 27-19:43) nancy: you guys/gals kill me
(Sep 27-19:43) nancy: it’s like a family
(Sep 27-19:43) Jenny:
(Sep 27-19:43) jodi_mardesich: 🙂
(Sep 27-19:43) Kris: Sorry to say I will miss both of those chats – Vancouver conference next week and NYC the 19th.  I will be at the free chat if anyone is there.
(Sep 27-19:43) jodi_mardesich: what are you doing in NYC?
(Sep 27-19:43) Jenny: we’ll miss you kris!
(Sep 27-19:44) nancy: maybe next week we can talk about something we want to talk about for the free chat
(Sep 27-19:44) nancy: that way we can have a topic… and folks can feel more comfortable dropping in


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