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Hello readers!
Your founders, Nancy and I (Jenny), have been working hard to make Namaste Book Club the best that it can be. We recently got together to talk about the club and wanted to provide you all with an update based on what we discussed.
To begin with, official chats will be held the last Sunday of every month. They will still begin at 7pm CST and will continue until 9pm or whenever the conversation ends organically. A few members requested that we bring back weekly chats. To be perfectly honest, book clubbers, this isn’t possible for Nancy and I to do. As so many of us #yogadorks are, we’re busy girls and don’t feel like we can give the club our all with weekly meetings. Also, numbers have been consistent, yet low, in the chats. We appreciate greatly the members who come to all the chats and contribute to the wonderful conversation, but unless numbers and participation increase, we couldn’t justify returning to weekly chats. However, we love the idea of monthly chats because we feel it gives people a lot more time to obtain and start reading the book selections.
That being said, although the official book club chats will only be held monthly, if you wish to chat more, we absolutely invite you to chat “off the record” with other members on the off-weeks. While Nancy and I may not be present and there will be no transcript on these nights, the chat option is always available to members to utilize. For the sake of structure, these “open chats” will be scheduled to begin at 7pm CST on the Sunday evenings when we are not having an official chat. Again, though, members are free to chat on the Ning website at any time they wish. The Ning is yours, book clubbers. It’s your community, you have helped create and shape it. So by all means- take advantage of it!
The next note of business pertains to posting blogs. We would like to make our blog more active and community-inspired. You guys have some really great ideas for blogs you’d like to see. Unfortunately, we, your founders, are not always able to research and write the blogs. Instead, if you have a blog idea, we invite you now to submit blog posts to us at yogabookclub[at]gmail[dot]com. We will review the blogs, do any necessary editing, and then post the accepted blogs online. These blogs can be anything from book reviews of our current club selections, essays inspired by readings, reviews of other books or any other yoga related topic. We are also still accepting book ideas or book list compilations that you wish to share with the other members.

If you have ideas for how you’d like to see the club grow and transform, or wish to be more closely involved in the book club in any way feel free to email Nancy and I at the previously mentioned email address.

And finally- the last note and the announcement everyone’s been waiting for- the next selection for the book club! Nancy and I met to talk about it [insert giddy laugh from your founders, still loving the fact that we are in the same city now!], and decided to choose Chakra Yoga by Alan Finger for our next read. There was some pretty good interest in this book in our last chat, and the chakras are a subject we feel we haven’t yet explored very deeply, so we’re really excited about this one. The next official chat, then, will be held on April 25 and will begin at 7pm CST in the Community Chat application on the Ning. We hope to see you all there!
Jenny and Nancy

Chat Transcript 1/24/10

Here’s the chat transcript from yesterday’s chat , enjoy:

Jenny: if you don’t mind transcripting that’d be great n

Jenny: and no, nance… no book for me just yet

nancy_: bob thanks for telling E Schiffmann about the club.  i did too but he was quicker to respond to you

bob: Hi, Seva.  So glad you can join us again.

Jenny: must. pay. library. fine.

Jenny: lol

nancy_: LOl

nancy_: LOL

Jenny: hey chris, you made it!

bob: Hi, chris

chriscrews: yes, made it

nancy_:  hi chris

chriscrews: Hi everyone!

nancy_: chris have you read this book?

nancy_: seva you?

chriscrews: yes, but it has been a long tme ago

nancy_: i LOVE it.. my fav so far

chriscrews: my teacher 10 years ago recommended it…

(Jan 24-20:03) sevapuri: Reading the book  from the website

(Jan 24-20:03) bob: Yes, it’s a great book

(Jan 24-20:03) nancy_: that’s cool Seva.. I didn’t realize you could read it from the website

(Jan 24-20:03) Jenny: seva you can read it from the website?

(Jan 24-20:03) Jenny: this changes things for me… lol

(Jan 24-20:03) nancy_: we should let other members know that

(Jan 24-20:03) Jenny: seriously, n!

(Jan 24-20:03) Jenny: can you link it seva?

(Jan 24-20:03) bob: The critical stuff is all on the web.  The part that isn’t is the asana stuff you probably already know well.

(Jan 24-20:03) sevapuri: it all there up to where we are reading but the postures from there on in are not

(Jan 24-20:04) nancy_: i see.. he goes in depth into the asana part so that’s kind of a bummer… but the breathing alone is worht reading online

(Jan 24-20:04) Kris has joined.

(Jan 24-20:04) bob:

(Jan 24-20:05) Jenny: and so so far we’ve read everything that’s online?

(Jan 24-20:05) nancy_: hey kris

(Jan 24-20:05) Jenny: (thanks bob!)

(Jan 24-20:05) sevapuri: how di  you do that bob it wouldnt allow me to copy and paste

(Jan 24-20:05) Kris: Hi all – Bob, I just logged in – what will I find at the link?

(Jan 24-20:05) nancy_: thanks Bob…

(Jan 24-20:05) nancy_: sometimes it doesn’t let you cut and paste… it’s annoying

(Jan 24-20:05) nancy_: the link according to bob and seva is alot of what we’ve read so far.. the book

(Jan 24-20:05) nancy_: w/o asanas

(Jan 24-20:06) bob: The book contains what we have read so far, plus the three concluding chapters.

(Jan 24-20:06) Jessica has joined.

(Jan 24-20:06) nancy_: hey Jessica

(Jan 24-20:06) Kris: got it  – I remember seeing that he had the chapters on his site a long time ago

(Jan 24-20:06) nancy_: I didn’t actually get all the way to 83 b/c i forgot and read only to 63 :-O

(Jan 24-20:06) nancy_: but i’m close

(Jan 24-20:06) bob: Seva, do a normal copy then when you get here just do control V

(Jan 24-20:07) Erica has joined.

(Jan 24-20:07) bob: Hi, Jessica

(Jan 24-20:07) Erica: hello

(Jan 24-20:07) Jessica: Hi all.  I’m not caught up, so I’ll probably just be watching.

(Jan 24-20:07) Kris: I read the intro (which I had skipped last week) – fun to read the list of teachers.  When I first read this book in 2001 or 2002, I probably did not know who most of them were – but now do

(Jan 24-20:07) bob: Kris, yes I read it online in 2006 just before it was published

(Jan 24-20:07) Erica: me neither, i read the intro and chapter 1-2

(Jan 24-20:08) Jenny: so is it possible to get a recap on what the reading was about this past week?

(Jan 24-20:08) nancy_: Erich just joined the club although I’m fairly certain he won’t join us.  He was really interested in feedback and seeing the transcript so I’m sending it to him 🙂

(Jan 24-20:08) Erica: cool

(Jan 24-20:08) Kris: Bob – my book has publication date of 1996

(Jan 24-20:08) nancy_: these sections were about breathing, and what fundamentally changes in you by doing it

(Jan 24-20:08) bob: Was the book out that long ago, Kris.  Must have been an earlier version

(Jan 24-20:09) nancy_: he writes in the most straight forward way.. i love it!  i really think it should be a requirement for YTT folks b/c seriously it describes yoga in a way that would be helpful for beginners

(Jan 24-20:09) Kris: That is the date on my book, and I read it long before I started teaching which was in 2004.  By the Rosie Magazine bookmark I had in it – I must have read in early 2000’2 as that magazine died in 2002

(Jan 24-20:09) nancy_: tee hee rosie magazine

(Jan 24-20:09) bob: Oh, mine, too.  Scratch what I wrote above about 2006.  My facts were just wrong.

(Jan 24-20:10) nancy_: the leotards suggest a while ago.  (pics)

(Jan 24-20:10) Erica: i had not heard of it, actually — but so far i agree, it would be GREAT for TTs

(Jan 24-20:11) Erica: the meditation instructions are great

(Jan 24-20:11) Kris: He writes it to a beginning student (or could be teacher)

(Jan 24-20:11) nancy_: the breathing instructions are great too.  and he has these wonderful intro exercises to help warm you up to the idea about breath and meditation

(Jan 24-20:11) Jenny: i am just skimming right now but i like his phrasing

(Jan 24-20:11) sevapuri: i love the way he uses analogies to describe what are complicated ideas and he cuts through the jargon to the heart of the matter

(Jan 24-20:11) bob: It’s just so down-to-earth and yet profound at the same time

(Jan 24-20:11) nancy_: so you can try it without being intimidating

(Jan 24-20:11) nancy_: totally seva. i agree 100%

(Jan 24-20:12) bob: Right seva

(Jan 24-20:12) Jenny: the breath “gently nudging, coaxing, opening, stretching, and relaxing your muscles”…

(Jan 24-20:12) Kris: Yes – very easy to follow and understand the concepts

(Jan 24-20:12) nancy_: bob.. that is exactly why it’s such a great book… it’s so accessible yet really goes deep deep into what yoga’s all about

(Jan 24-20:12) Jenny: “increase your sensitivity to the inner feeling of your body and let it guide you into the appropriate action for that particular moment”

(Jan 24-20:12) sevapuri: the beginners meditation was great a nice way to get people into meditation and see the effects straight away

(Jan 24-20:12) bob: He always relates the techniques to the larger philosophy of Yoga.  i love that

(Jan 24-20:13) Kris: I liked that he wrote that the asanas are just a toolm, not a desitnation.  So many get bogged down with the poses becomming a goal

(Jan 24-20:13) Kris: Sorry – that m is a comma

(Jan 24-20:13) nancy_: yes kris, very clear that they are not a goal

(Jan 24-20:13) nancy_: he said that more than once

(Jan 24-20:14) nancy_: i thought his discussion of breath with movement was awesome

(Jan 24-20:14) sevapuri: He talks about god consciousness as though  it was the most natural thing in the world for yoga practioners to experience

(Jan 24-20:14) bob: Right, Kris.  That’s part of the life philosophy that is Yoga

(Jan 24-20:14) Kris: Although I think he muddied the point a bit in places as he talked about progressing in a pose – lead to a goal like mentality…

(Jan 24-20:14) sevapuri: agree bob

(Jan 24-20:15) Kris: I think that is one of the biggest challeges as a teacher – students come wanting to “perfect” a pose and it is a long process to move from that mindset

(Jan 24-20:15) nancy_: kris that’s a good point

(Jan 24-20:15) bob: Kris.  Right.  When I first started Yoga class I just treated it another sport to achieve.

(Jan 24-20:16) sevapuri: the way he talked about asana was lovely also, something like where ever you are in a pose is THE POSE.

(Jan 24-20:16) nancy_: Seva I kept thinking about that b/c he also teaches those free form yoga classes we were talking about last week

(Jan 24-20:16) bob: Now, it’s the reverse.  I play highly competitive tennis with a totally Schiffman mentality

(Jan 24-20:16) Kris: When someone tells me that they want to be able to do a certain pose (usually a physically demanding pose) – I always wish I could ask Why? – but it feels a little snotty to go there.

(Jan 24-20:16) nancy_: and so the poses really can be whatever you want it to be and not what it should be

(Jan 24-20:16) Erica: right Kris, b/c it’s not always explicit what we’re moving towards, why we’re doing these strange poses, people get fixed on the alignment a

(Jan 24-20:17) Erica: i admit at the beginning i expected some WHOOSH of energy to happen at some point in each pose!

(Jan 24-20:17) sevapuri: from my end students are also really happy to hear that they dont have to look like the pictures they see in books or yoga journal and he says that nicely

(Jan 24-20:17) Kris: That’s a constant mantra in my classes – go where it makes sense for your own body and be happy there

(Jan 24-20:17) nancy_: seva that’s a common thread at my YTT.. yoga journal poses.

(Jan 24-20:17) Kris: Yes Seva – I often say that too

(Jan 24-20:18) Jenny: i know what you mean kris. i know it depends on the person, but i’ve named physically demanding poses that i want to be able to do, myself.

(Jan 24-20:18) nancy_: erica in some poses i feel that way, but ones i struggle with are energy sappers, kwim?

(Jan 24-20:18) bob: Last week we got into whether Erich was too “free form” or not.  I think he strikes the perfect balance myself

(Jan 24-20:18) nancy_: oh man Jenny… you KNOW i have too!

(Jan 24-20:18) Jenny: at least for me i feel like i have had a good reason, to build a love for my body that i lost due to eating disorders, kwim?

(Jan 24-20:18) Kris: A student asked me in early jan. if I had any yoga goals this year (maybe expecting a pose??) – I answered “To be joyfull at all times”

(Jan 24-20:19) Jenny: so doing physically challenging poses- for me- is a reminder to live in a way that keeps me healthy and strong

(Jan 24-20:19) Jenny: i realize that’s not the case for everyone, of course. some folks just want to be able to say they can do it….

(Jan 24-20:19) nancy_: my favorite chapter so far was #4 about what does it feel like

(Jan 24-20:20) sevapuri: re Kris we say it but sometimes they dont have any other referance point, other than what thety read and Eric alos said it was good to see those advanced asanas to see what we are capable of but i guess its the attitude to practice

(Jan 24-20:20) Kris: Jenny – I always appreciate hearing the resons behind it because I struggle with keeping judgements in check around this topic!  Your rationale makes perfect sense

(Jan 24-20:20) Erica: nancy yeah, i know what you mean now, Utkatasana is where I really feel things…

(Jan 24-20:20) bob: In Yoga there’s nothing wrong with wanting to achieve things, only to attaching your ego to it.  This actually liberates me to compete more fully in tennis.

(Jan 24-20:20) nancy_: Erica for me it’s Trikonasana.  give me handstand or crow any day.. energy and flight.. but triko YUCKO

(Jan 24-20:21) sevapuri: re Kris love your goal

(Jan 24-20:21) Jenny: thanks kris! i know what you mean though… in the long run i want to live yoga in a way that helps me live in peace. not live yoga by doing handstands all day long lol

(Jan 24-20:22) Kris: I related to Erich talking about feeling the energy and the effects within the pose (as opposed to achieving the pose itself) – I am most interested in the inner effects of the asana too

(Jan 24-20:22) nancy_: chapter 4 was so fantastic b/c he talked about how our reaction/experience changes over time and i thought he put into words what I’ve experienced in my practice growing

(Jan 24-20:22) Jenny: nancy that’s so funny. i LOVE trikonasana…

(Jan 24-20:22) nancy_: most people do jenny.. i’m the freak in the room

(Jan 24-20:22) Jenny: and i know what you mean kris… triko is a pose that makes me feel very feminine for some reason

(Jan 24-20:22) Kris: My favoiite energy is W1 – a pose so many hate

(Jan 24-20:22) bob: Yes, that Chapter 4 was terrific

(Jan 24-20:23) Jenny: i guess bc of the emphasis on hips….

(Jan 24-20:23) Jenny: gah i do not like w1!

(Jan 24-20:23) Jenny: lol

(Jan 24-20:23) nancy_: kris my #2 least fav one.. warrior 1

(Jan 24-20:23) nancy_: LOL

(Jan 24-20:23) nancy_: bob.. what i loved about chapter 4 is that he talks about how at first your body feels good

(Jan 24-20:23) Jenny: i love parsvakonasana though

(Jan 24-20:23) nancy_: and that it’s ok to do yoga for that

(Jan 24-20:23) Kris: Next time – let it lead you to the feelings of strength,  confidence – standing your ground, looking forward without looking back, standing up for what you believe it…  see if you like it more!

(Jan 24-20:24) nancy_: but then he talks about all the other energies, and deep places that open up when you have a consistent practice

(Jan 24-20:24) nancy_: and i feel like i’ve witnessed them but really couldn’t put it into words.  he captured how i feel really vividly

(Jan 24-20:24) Jenny: i did that with w2 for a while, kris! i used to invision i was pointing my spear at fear or some obstacle, and i just stared it down with confidence and resolve

(Jan 24-20:24) Kris: Nancy – yes – liked the simple beginning to the why of yoga – because it makes you feel good

(Jan 24-20:24) Jenny: it was a VERY emowering moment

(Jan 24-20:24) bob: Right, nancy

(Jan 24-20:24) Erica: it’s definitely been inspiring me to pursue a personal practice again, instead of just making it to class

(Jan 24-20:25) Kris: I like to think of W2 as a timeline – 1 had reaching to the wisdom of the past, 1 to the hope of the future, but mind and heart centered in the present

(Jan 24-20:25) nancy_: exactly erica.. he makes it really personal  i wonder if that’s his TKV Desikachar training.. you know the personal ness of it

(Jan 24-20:25) bob: Erica, I wrote in a blog comment the other day that i don’t have to worry about what to wear to Yoga, because I’m always at home alone!

(Jan 24-20:26) Kris: Good one Bob

(Jan 24-20:26) sevapuri: what he said about personal practice made me realise how important it is. Sometimes i take it for granted , for what knowlege of myself it can give

(Jan 24-20:26) nancy_: i totally agree seva.

(Jan 24-20:26) sevapuri: bob LOL

(Jan 24-20:26) Erica:   that’s funny bob, i had a friend i FINALLY took to yoga class, and he said the thing that’s always held him back is that he didn’t know what to wear…

(Jan 24-20:27) Kris: Seva – yes, sometimes practicing alone brings insights you might not be able to listen to in the greater energy of a class setting

(Jan 24-20:27) Jenny: totally agree seva

(Jan 24-20:27) bob: Erica

(Jan 24-20:27) Jenny: i don’t have a very constant home practice but sporadically i stop going to classes and practice at home

(Jan 24-20:27) sevapuri: for me it reminded me to listen

(Jan 24-20:27) nancy_: laughing at erica and bob.. sounds like you need to check out the yogadork shorts poll on this.. i think long shorts won, or is it loin cloths?

(Jan 24-20:27) nancy_: 🙂

(Jan 24-20:27) Jenny: i know it’s time to pick it up again when i go to classes and my body keeps telling me it wants things other than what the teacher is cuing

(Jan 24-20:28) nancy_: for me if i’m at home i tend to do less adventureous poses than in classes that are guided by someone i trust

(Jan 24-20:28) Kris: Erich emphasises remembering to ask for guidance – this is so important to me in teaching

(Jan 24-20:28) Erica: yeah i struggle w/personal practice, too vata, already i feel like i’ve gotten some really calming clear reminders and inspirations

(Jan 24-20:28) nancy_: so maybe there’s less of that acheiving thing and more of the being in the moment at home?

(Jan 24-20:28) Jenny: hey home practice attire is up for grabs, n! maybe some folks are experimenting with, dare i say it… naked yoga! lolol

(Jan 24-20:28) bob: In my comment, on a blog about the latest yoga wear, I said I just wear whatever I happen to have on at the time!

(Jan 24-20:29) Kris: I find my personal practice much more quiet and gentle than classes – more introspective

(Jan 24-20:29) Erica: (sleeping in my yoga clothes, so as to roll out of bed and be ready, is my most successful trick so far)

(Jan 24-20:29) sevapuri: the other day when it was 42 degress here i came close

(Jan 24-20:29) nancy_: jenny i’m taking the 5th on that since i’ve not been out of twitter time out for that long.  no need to risk it

(Jan 24-20:29) Jenny: lolol

(Jan 24-20:29) sevapuri: Erica LOL

(Jan 24-20:30) Jenny: i know… i only said it bc i figured the ning was a whole other beast and was just hoping i wouldn’t go on ning time out for that!

(Jan 24-20:30) Jenny: lol

(Jan 24-20:30) Jenny: erica— INGENIUS!

Jan 24-20:30) Erica: i learned that one from rowing crew

(Jan 24-20:30) bob: I’m not saying classes are not important.  Home works for me because asana is not my main focus.

(Jan 24-20:30) nancy_: i love classes.. and i’m one of those who totally grooves on the energy of some of my favorite yogis who i practice with a lot

(Jan 24-20:31) Kris: Bob – what does your practice typically look like (if there is a typical) – since asana is usually a part of my practice, I

(Jan 24-20:31) nancy_: but i do find that i can get more distracted in class.. less focused

(Jan 24-20:31) chriscrews: I love classes also.

(Jan 24-20:31) Kris: would love to hear more about yours

(Jan 24-20:31) Jessica: N, I love classes too.  The energy of a room full of other yogis brings so much more to my practice than doing it alone

(Jan 24-20:31) nancy_: and also like i said i tend to go to classes where we do more advanced stuff where as at home i do more suryanamaskar stuff

(Jan 24-20:32) Kris: I love BIG classes – this month is always awesome – big classes (NY resolutions) with lots ofgroup energy.  the first Monday of jan we ahd 42 – a record!

(Jan 24-20:32) Jenny: i see the value in both

(Jan 24-20:32) Jenny: more often that not i am most focused in classes

(Jan 24-20:32) nancy_: i loved how he talked about keeping a balance between pushing and puling in poses  .. pushing to your max and not engaging

(Jan 24-20:32) nancy_: pulling that is

(Jan 24-20:33) Kris: Or yielding

(Jan 24-20:33) bob: Kris, I have a series of 15-20 basic Yoga poses I do.  I like to do them any time during the day when I want to be energized.  I would do a lot more asana if I didn’t already play tennis four times a week

n 24-20:33) chriscrews: I really liked his chapter on breathing and combing breath and movement.

(Jan 24-20:33) Kris: Bob – beyond the asana – is there another type of regular yoga practice you do?

(Jan 24-20:34) nancy_: chris.. i think that chapter seriously should be req for YTT b/c it explains it so perfectly and in a way that would be great to share with students

(Jan 24-20:34) nancy_: i felt like after reading that chapter i’d be 100 x better at teaching breath in a class

(Jan 24-20:34) bob: Part of my tennis routine is a 10-15 yoga like stretching routine, tennis specific.  Plus, as I said, I treat tennis itself like moving meditation in which I go for single pointed Yoga Sutra type focus on the ball.

(Jan 24-20:35) Kris: Thanks Bob!

(Jan 24-20:35) chriscrews: nancy, so true.  I may consider it for sure.

(Jan 24-20:35) Kris: I bet that is amazing for your tennis!

(Jan 24-20:35) chriscrews: I think breathwork scares a lot of people…teachers included.

(Jan 24-20:35) nancy_: chris even the discussion of exhalation on folding, inhalation on extention was written so clearly that it was easy to understand

(Jan 24-20:36) bob: Kris, yes it is.  I wrote a Yoga poem about it.

(Jan 24-20:36) nancy_: better than what i’m used to hearing.. and also in a way that would be really terrific to share with beginners which is what most YTT grads teach

(Jan 24-20:36) nancy_: and it changes how you do/feel poses.. breathing that is

(Jan 24-20:36) Kris: I think he describes it so naturally, it is less scary – when beginning, most students are so busy thinking about where to place the body, breath is not possible as as focus…  but if they see it is as simple as inahle on expanding and

(Jan 24-20:37) Kris: exhaling on contracting – easire to incorporate

(Jan 24-20:37) sevapuri: where he talks about mental attitude or interest being the key  was interesting cause when i teach pranayama in class some students just dont do it or think its wierd and its been a stuggle to get students interested in breathing practices

(Jan 24-20:37) nancy_: the studio where i normally practice has LOTS of Kripalu influence so lots of breathing goes on

(Jan 24-20:37) nancy_: seva.. again the studio where i go has LOTS of pranayama and it can freak people out

(Jan 24-20:37) bob: Kris, you asked what else I do.  I hope it doesn’t sound too sappy, but I really am going for being in a type of Yogic concentration all the time.  This means kind of being tuned into the wonder of the universe all the time

(Jan 24-20:38) nancy_: hard to teach to beginners in a way that isn’t confusing

(Jan 24-20:38) nancy_: but i think he really captures the essence of what breath adds to yoga, and why it makes the poses more powerful and what they really are meant to be

(Jan 24-20:38) Kris: Bob – is that poem on your blog?

(Jan 24-20:38) nancy_: and he does it in this non threatening way.  just so simple

(Jan 24-20:39) Kris: Yes  Bob – that is really what it is all about – a state of being, not just doing something

(Jan 24-20:39) bob:

(Jan 24-20:39) Kris: Thanks bob

(Jan 24-20:39) nancy_: we’ve been doing all these practice teaching sessions in YTT and I see so clearly how to describe breath now that i’ve read this.  so much clearer

(Jan 24-20:39) sevapuri: nancy agree breathing is poses is ok to understand but just sitting controling the breath. This chapter hsas given me lots of inspiration  to teaching pranayam

(Jan 24-20:40) nancy_: we’ve been learning a lot about teaching pranayama in YTT.  when it’s really used it properly wow it changes energy. no wonder ES likes it

(Jan 24-20:40) nancy_: he’s big into energy

(Jan 24-20:41) nancy_: i also liked how he talked about edges.. minimum and maximum of poses

(Jan 24-20:41) sevapuri: loved his edges stuff

(Jan 24-20:41) nancy_: think this is hard for lots of newer yoga people to grasp.. even for people who have daily practices

(Jan 24-20:41) sevapuri: agree

(Jan 24-20:42) nancy_: it’s also cool how he provides these simple exercises to practice in a very very easy way what he just described

(Jan 24-20:42) Kris: Similar to that – I use “listen to your body say yes, yes yes and then when you hear no – back up a little, breathe and relax there…

(Jan 24-20:42) bob: The playing at the edges, and other Yoga stuff, is now a very standard part of many sports psychology programs

(Jan 24-20:43) nancy_: as i am cutting  and pasting this transcript i keep seing myself write the word “simple” and i do NOT mean that in a derrogatory way.. i think it is so perfect

(Jan 24-20:43) nancy_: so many yoga books are really dense and hard to follow unless you really read a lot of them

(Jan 24-20:43) Kris: I think simple is a great compliment here

(Jan 24-20:43) Erica: right, i think you just mean he’s a good writer

(Jan 24-20:43) nancy_: this one is so accessible… Jessica, remember you asked about a good book for a pal who wanted to read about yoga and not get scared off?

(Jan 24-20:44) nancy_: think this is the book

(Jan 24-20:44) sevapuri: simple is good

(Jan 24-20:44) nancy_: absolutely erica..

(Jan 24-20:44) Erica: i was really curious about the desikachar / iyengar influences, how they shaped things

(Jan 24-20:44) bob: Yes, he’s alway aware of his diverse audience, and never just into his own intellectual or spiritual trip, as many authors are.

(Jan 24-20:44) chriscrews: yes, simple..clear..when I think of ES I think meditation in motion…he just has a way about him.

(Jan 24-20:44) Jessica: N I thought about that, but the beginning (which is all I have read) seems a little…. feely and mushy?

(Jan 24-20:44) Jessica: Does that make sense?

(Jan 24-20:45) Jessica: I think some people who think they are too hard core or ‘manly’ for yoga, this might scare them off a bit

(Jan 24-20:45) nancy_: ah i see what you are thinking jessica

(Jan 24-20:45) Kris: Jessica – that might be true for those you describe

(Jan 24-20:45) Jessica: I think for someone totally open to yoga and all its ideas this would be great

(Jan 24-20:45) bob: That makes sense to me, Jessica.  It might be a turnoff to some.

(Jan 24-20:46) nancy_: Jessica.. i have a great suggestion for you.. will tweet it later.

(Jan 24-20:46) chriscrews: Have you seen any of his videos..his movements and way of being are truly captured in this book.  It is like he is speaking it to you.

(Jan 24-20:46) Jessica: Thanks N!

(Jan 24-20:46) Kris: N – leaving us in suspense

(Jan 24-20:47) nancy_: i was thinking Jessica that unlike Heart of Yoga which I LOVED too was a little dense for an intro beginner book, but this has lots of similar ideas but is easier to grasp

(Jan 24-20:47) Kris: Chris – yes I have, and when I read it I can hear his voice

(Jan 24-20:47) nancy_: ok K.. and Jessica.. my thought is the “Athlete’s pocket guide to yoga” from Sage Roundtree.  not indepth but lots of asanas and some intro

(Jan 24-20:47) Kris: This book seems WAY more accessible to me

(Jan 24-20:47) bob: I can say that, while I liked the book Ok when I first read it (when I was viewing Yoga as more of another sport to learn) but I get it a lot more now after years of getting into the spiritual side of Yoga.

(Jan 24-20:47) chriscrews: yes, Kris, exactly what I was thinking…

(Jan 24-20:48) nancy_: chris i have one which i haven’t seen yet.. i’m dying to watch it b/c it has my pal Cora Wen in it 🙂

(Jan 24-20:48) Jessica: I’ll have to check that out.  Sounds more like somethin this guy could get in to.

(Jan 24-20:49) Kris: Another quick and small book for just asana reference (though it also has some great general info too) is the Yoga Bible – author from Australia it;s not in fromt of me – Ill go get it

(Jan 24-20:49) nancy_: Jessica.. she’s @sagetree on twitter.  it is a binder. small and easy to read.

(Jan 24-20:49) Erica: yeah i am bookmarked in the “goodness” section, it’s more abstract, about deeper/more subtle feelings, maybe not as accessible to new beginners

(Jan 24-20:49) chriscrews: nancy, can’t wait to see if you ‘hear’ his voice as you read like Kris and I

(Jan 24-20:49) sevapuri: Christine Brown

(Jan 24-20:49) Kris: Oh – for the jocks… I get it.  Real Men do Yoga maybe

(Jan 24-20:50) bob: Yes, The Desikachar book, great as it is, is much more of a potential turnoff for new readers.  It is full of Sanskrit terms and “weird” pictures of his father.  You notice that Erich uses plain English, in contrast.

(Jan 24-20:50) nancy_: chris.. i’m going to watch it tomorrow.  i’ve seen some of the you tube vids of him.  he’s super chill.  i relax just listening to him

(Jan 24-20:50) Kris: Yoga Bible author is Christina Brown – thought you were asking about general quick guides – this one would not necessarily be for that population

(Jan 24-20:50) nancy_: Kris.. jessica asked a while back on twitter for intro yoga book suggestions for a guy pal who might not get into all the sanskrit and stuff

(Jan 24-20:51) Erica: i have recommended Structural Yoga Therapy (by Mukunda Stiles) before, it’s good for those approaching yoga for injuries/rehabilitation

(Jan 24-20:51) Erica: it starts w/a good philosophical overview, too

(Jan 24-20:51) nancy_: erica can you msg me that one and same w/ you kris so i can add them to the blog/wordpress site for folks

(Jan 24-20:51) Erica: sure, ning msg?

(Jan 24-20:51) nancy_: perfect

(Jan 24-20:51) Kris: Which one did you want from me?

(Jan 24-20:51) Jessica: Kris, Real Men do yoga sounds like it might be good for this guy too.

(Jan 24-20:52) bob: Kripalu Yoga–A Guide to Practice On and Off the Matt is also excellent and accessible, although perhaps a bit thick for some

(Jan 24-20:52) nancy_: wondering if any of you guys/gals did the exercises as you were reading the book?

(Jan 24-20:52) nancy_: trying them?

(Jan 24-20:52) nancy_: i did

(Jan 24-20:52) Kris: Hmm – can’t remember where I put that one (bought it for my husband for Christmas a few years ago) – I’ll look

(Jan 24-20:53) Kris: Quicker to find in on Amazon so I don’t have to leave my computer –

(Jan 24-20:53) nancy_: like i practiced the haaaaa one for Ujjayi breathing.  it was really cool

(Jan 24-20:53) Kris: Bob – that is one of my very favorites – I have 2 copies, one of them out on loan

(Jan 24-20:53) Erica: i’ve been doing the basic breathing ones… not long enough that i set down the book tho

(Jan 24-20:53) nancy_: kris.. can you send me that link too.

(Jan 24-20:53) bob: I think the best book for a complete beginner is “Yoga Made Easy” by Howard Kent

(Jan 24-20:54) sevapuri: the meditaion practice fo learning to be still, it felt great to come back to basics. Sometimes i get caught up in where im going that going back to basics is just simply refreshingly great

(Jan 24-20:54) Kris: Kripalu book –

(Jan 24-20:55) nancy_: totally seva.. i did those with counting.  fantastic.  really really great on focusing

(Jan 24-20:55) chriscrews: The Kripalu book is great.  I bought it last year.

(Jan 24-20:55) bob:

(Jan 24-20:55) Erica: i think that “meditation” is one of the most broadly defined words in the world, this was a great explanation

(Jan 24-20:55) nancy_: the kripalu book. richard faulds?

(Jan 24-20:55) nancy_: have that one

(Jan 24-20:55) Kris: Yoga made easy – can’t believe I don;t have that – thought I had about every yoga book ever written!

(Jan 24-20:56) Kris: Yes – that one Nancy

(Jan 24-20:56) nancy_: i am going to make an intro to yoga book list w/ these

(Jan 24-20:56) nancy_: thanks!

(Jan 24-20:56) bob: Yes, chris.  It’s  very impressive.  It’s thick but very accessible because you can just browse to what interests you.

(Jan 24-20:56) bob: Kris. I actually came up with one you hadn’t heard of?!!

(Jan 24-20:56) Jessica: That would be great Nancy!  I haven’t been keeping up with all of the suggestions.  And it would be good to be able to point someone to once they get started and want more info.

(Jan 24-20:56) chriscrews: yes, bob, I skip around.  I have used some of the quotes at the end of my classes.

(Jan 24-20:57) nancy_: erica i totally agree with the meditation.  i think it’s incredibly overwhelming and hard to grasp.  if you just suggested the counting and breath exercises to start with

(Jan 24-20:57) Kris: Barron Baptiste’s 2 adult books are good for home practice because he has a practice for each week or day…

(Jan 24-20:57) nancy_: you’d have so many other people interested

(Jan 24-20:57) Erica: SO agreed, nancy

(Jan 24-20:57) nancy_: ok Kris.. you are my book guru for tonight.. send me your suggestions and i’ll add them to the list

(Jan 24-20:57) sevapuri: agree nancy

(Jan 24-20:58) Kris: Said this last week, i think, but the countdown breath meditation is a big favorite in my classes

(Jan 24-20:58) nancy_: i’ve used that counting one several times since i read it these last two weeks when i’ve been all over the map and it’s really helped me connect with quiet

(Jan 24-20:58) Kris: I’ve got a couple on the site already I still recommend

(Jan 24-20:58) nancy_: i’ve been really thankful i have read this book lately

(Jan 24-20:59) nancy_: yes kris.  you’ve been a gem about listing them.  but i want to do a long list of beginner’s books b/c i get asked this about 2 x a day

(Jan 24-20:59) Timothy_J_McLaughlin has joined.

(Jan 24-20:59) Kris: Bob – did you ever read How Yoga Works?  With your knowledge of the sutras, I would be so interested in seeing if you like it.  Sutras written in a fiction story – a fable

(Jan 24-20:59) nancy_: Hey Timothy… welcome

(Jan 24-21:00) Kris: OK – Nancy – I will see if I have any others specifically great for beginners

(Jan 24-21:00) bob: nancy, you might consider just answering that question with the 2-3 three books you think are the best, rather than giving out a long list.

(Jan 24-21:00) Kris: Good idea Bob – a long list might be too much

(Jan 24-21:00) bob: Kris, no, but it’s on my list.

(Jan 24-21:00) bob: Hi, Tim

(Jan 24-21:00) nancy_: i would just like (in ref to bob) have a list on the wordpress site to refer to b/c several people have asked for one

(Jan 24-21:00) Kris: Took me a while to get into it (I rarely read fiction) – but by the end, really enjoyed it

(Jan 24-21:01) nancy_: i have three i generally suggest but a longer list with more info is helpful too

(Jan 24-21:01) bob: Kris, I’ll move it up on my list since you like it.

(Jan 24-21:01) Kris: RE long list – everyone is moved by something different, different strokes for different folkes and all – so a list might be valuable after all

(Jan 24-21:01) nancy_: i’m wondering how best to talk about the asana section of this book

(Jan 24-21:01) nancy_: thoughts?

(Jan 24-21:02) Timothy_J_McLaughlin has left.

(Jan 24-21:02) Kris: I was wondering about that too Nancy – kind of a how to rather than a why to – how would we discuss that?

(Jan 24-21:02) nancy_: b/c we haven’t had other than HYP a book that talked about specific poses in detail

(Jan 24-21:02) sevapuri: i loved in the Chapter “what does it feel like”fourth para graph his description of  yoga , again so simple with out dumbing it down and still giving yoga it full woorth.

(Jan 24-21:02) bob: Kris, but how does a beginner know which will appeal to him or her.  I think one of the most valuable things you can do is ask the person a few questions and make that decision for them!

(Jan 24-21:03) Kris: Bob – probably the one with the most attractive cover or title haha

(Jan 24-21:03) nancy_: seva.  marked that one too.  simple, clear and elegant

(Jan 24-21:04) sevapuri: elegant

(Jan 24-21:04) bob: Kris. Precisely.  That’s why we should help the person with a more specific recommendation, I think

(Jan 24-21:04) nancy_: so what about the asanas b/c they are coming up next.  any ideas on how best to cover those chapters

(Jan 24-21:04) Kris: I am so not a book marker upper, but I had made an arrow in the margin of the 2nd paragraph on page 50 – so out of character.  Must have spoken to me back then

(Jan 24-21:05) nancy_: kris that paragraph could easily be tied to our talk on home practice vs distraction of classes

(Jan 24-21:05) bob: nancy, I would think discussing the details of the asanas would be of great interest to you teachers.

(Jan 24-21:05) chriscrews: asana will be tough as he gives nuggets even as he breaks down each pose…

(Jan 24-21:05) Kris: What about if we talk about the categories of poses (how they effect our energy, body, spirit) as a whole rather than the details of specific poses?

(Jan 24-21:05) sevapuri: to say that to a beginners group i think would inspring them, cause in some way for beginers its all unknown territory , its all stufff they think Yoga is , to clarify it would be service

(Jan 24-21:06) nancy_: i’m psyched to talk about asanas.. but wasn’t sure how it would be for chat

(Jan 24-21:06) nancy_: i like your idea kris

(Jan 24-21:06) chriscrews: by the way he has the most beautiful backbends

(Jan 24-21:06) Kris: Bob – as a teacher, I am actually not interested in all that how to stuff..  I might be in the minority though…  Much more interested in the why to.  I think the details vary from person to person and that they should find the way it make

(Jan 24-21:07) nancy_: and yes, we could cover some of the awesome nuggets for poses

(Jan 24-21:07) nancy_: he does chris

(Jan 24-21:07) Kris: makes sense for thier body – so the how to’s don’t mean a ton to me…

(Jan 24-21:07) nancy_: he just seems so chill and relaxed.  i am relaxed just looking at the pics.. seriously

(Jan 24-21:07) nancy_: makes it look easy

(Jan 24-21:08) bob: I’m out of my league in asana.  But I always enjoy any discussion among teachers, even if I don’t have a lot to offer.

Jan 24-21:09) nancy_: i can’t wait to discuss it.. especially after all the stuff i’ve learned lately in YTT

(Jan 24-21:09) bob: In the first couple of namaste chats there was a lot of teacher talk.  I was quiet, but I enjoyed every minute of it, because I always learn so much.

(Jan 24-21:10) nancy_: we’ve got a bunch of teachers.. almost everyone except you and me bob are teachers..

(Jan 24-21:10) nancy_: i’m working to it, but still just a student

(Jan 24-21:10) nancy_: 🙂

(Jan 24-21:10) Jenny: students are teachers too, n.

(Jan 24-21:10) Kris: We are all always students first

(Jan 24-21:10) bob: Right, and that’s part of what makes this group so strong

(Jan 24-21:10) sevapuri:  i still think i a student just learing by teaching

(Jan 24-21:11) Jenny: i am definitely a student, seva!

(Jan 24-21:11) Jenny: i say i am sometimes a teacher but always a student of yoga

(Jan 24-21:11) chriscrews: Jenny, Kris…agreed

(Jan 24-21:11) nancy_: that’s what is so much fun about reading together.. we all seem to glean something from each book

(Jan 24-21:11) chriscrews: always a student

(Jan 24-21:12) nancy_: anything else so far in the book we haven’t talked about?

(Jan 24-21:13) Kris: Nancy – meant to say this a while back when we talked about class vs. home practice – are you finding it harder now throught YTT to be fully present as a student in a group class?  So hard not to be thinking of how you would have done it,

(Jan 24-21:13) bob: We should try to get Cora to join us, since she was a student of Erich’s

(Jan 24-21:13) Kris: ideaas you can take with you, etc.  I know I find that to be true.  so hard not to have at least some degree of teacher brain intruding

(Jan 24-21:13) chriscrews: Jenny, Dave R went to Erich’s workshop last year…

(Jan 24-21:13) nancy_: yes.. Kris. i listen to the words.. and try to shut them out, but always listening to the verbal cues and trying not to look at other people

(Jan 24-21:13) nancy_: it is hard

(Jan 24-21:14) nancy_: some of my YTTers bring notepads and write down sequencing and stuff.

(Jan 24-21:14) nancy_: i try not to do that.. and go observe/help in classes to satisfy that need

(Jan 24-21:14) Kris: A sad downside of being a teacher

(Jan 24-21:14) bob: yes, that must be tough to sort out–the teacher vs. practioner mentality

(Jan 24-21:15) Kris: It is so hard not to have that little voice – Oh, I like that, I’m going to add that to my class…. or Yikes – i would never do it that way….

(Jan 24-21:15) nancy_: exactly kris

(Jan 24-21:15) bob: It seems to me you almost have to get more into your analytical left brain than you would want to be if you were just practicing

(Jan 24-21:15) nancy_: bob re: Cora  she’s swamped right now but yes, that would be so much fun having her input.  they are similar..

(Jan 24-21:15) Jenny: chris i thought he had! i remember him talking about erich a lot in class

(Jan 24-21:15) Jenny: dave loves him, doesn’t he, chris?

(Jan 24-21:16) Kris: I try to tell myself to glean 3 things and then let everything else go, doesn’t always work though

(Jan 24-21:16) bob: Plus, it’s hard to figure out where she is!

(Jan 24-21:16) Kris: Right Bob – a switch in hemispheres is needed

(Jan 24-21:16) nancy_: yes kris.. gleen

(Jan 24-21:16) chriscrews: Yes Jenny, I think he really did like him… I believe he did a lot of meditation stuff.

(Jan 24-21:17) nancy_: or i mean glean

(Jan 24-21:17) Kris: Oops – typo

(Jan 24-21:17) nancy_: the meditation stuff is amazing

(Jan 24-21:17) nancy_: nope, typo on my part

(Jan 24-21:17) Kris: Which is it??

(Jan 24-21:17) nancy_: doh

(Jan 24-21:17) nancy_: glean i think

(Jan 24-21:17) Erica: the gleaners

(Jan 24-21:17) Kris: As long as we know what we mean!

(Jan 24-21:18) Erica: i’m always curious about the purported benefits of each asana…

(Jan 24-21:18) nancy_: erica i agree.. that’s a great thing to talk about

(Jan 24-21:19) Kris: That is a helpful discussion Erica

(Jan 24-21:19) Kris: You know I will add my 2 cents worth on the inner effects (not just the physical)!

(Jan 24-21:19) Erica: my friend told me Iyengar later said (re: Light on Yoga)… something like “yeah, i was young, i made a lot of it up”

(Jan 24-21:19) Erica: re: the benefits of each pose

(Jan 24-21:19) nancy_: LOL

(Jan 24-21:20) Erica: so i am always curious!

(Jan 24-21:20) nancy_: really?

(Jan 24-21:20) nancy_: i love how you go to different teachers and the benefits change.  will be fun to talk about

(Jan 24-21:20) Erica: yeah, she’s a good friend / experienced teacher & practitioner

(Jan 24-21:20) Kris: Of course – it is all made up!  Before Iyengar – there was little to no focus on alignment

(Jan 24-21:19) Kris: You know I will add my 2 cents worth on the inner effects (not just the physical)!

(Jan 24-21:19) Erica: my friend told me Iyengar later said (re: Light on Yoga)… something like “yeah, i was young, i made a lot of it up”

(Jan 24-21:20) Erica: yeah, she’s a good friend / experienced teacher & practitioner

(Jan 24-21:20) Kris: Of course – it is all made up!  Before Iyengar – there was little to no focus on alignment

(Jan 24-21:20) Erica: yeah, one of my anatomy teachers (Leslie Kaminoff) always drives home that fact

(Jan 24-21:21) Kris: Before krishnamcharya few of the poses we practice were ever heard of…

(Jan 24-21:21) Erica: he’s from Sivananda tradition, where it’s “lean forward and grab the toes. this is forward bend.”

(Jan 24-21:21) Erica: all this alignment is only 40 yrs old or so

(Jan 24-21:21) bob: The nice thing now is that there has been a lot of more scientific anaysis that is more than just off-the-cuff conjecture or tradition.

(Jan 24-21:21) Kris: Personally, I do not teach an alignment based practice at all

(Jan 24-21:22) Erica: kris what bg did you train in/study?

(Jan 24-21:22) chriscrews: I usually like to say what I believe some of the benefits are, not that I believe it all, but because I think the students can relate.

(Jan 24-21:22) Kris: For me – go to where it feels amazing for you, where you feel a letting go, where you find joy…  that is the alignment.  I will watch to make sure there is nothing dangerous – but not much specific

an 24-21:22) Erica: it’s important i think, as a beginner i always wondered why are we doing triangle?

(Jan 24-21:22) Kris: Couldn’t care less if back foot is 45 degrees or 50!

(Jan 24-21:23) bob: I like that approach, Kris.  It’s very much like Erich.

(Jan 24-21:23) Kris: Erica – this is what I secretly want to ask all yoga teachers.   do they have an answer for that?  why we do any specific pose?

(Jan 24-21:24) Erica: i know!!! it’s so muddy sometimes…

(Jan 24-21:24) bob: My own personal routine is designed to cover every part of my body.

(Jan 24-21:24) Kris: To me – the poses are just to open up the body, release tension so to release the mind’s distraction with aches and pains and discomfort so we can come to that state of being that is yoga

(Jan 24-21:25) chriscrews: Hey ladies and gents…I’ve gotta run.  It was nice chatting.

(Jan 24-21:25) Kris: they do have wonderful specific therapeutic benefits too, but to me that is a side benefit as is the strenth and flexibility

(Jan 24-21:25) nancy_: thanks for joining us chris.. great to get your input!

(Jan 24-21:25) Erica: i mean, once you teach/practice a while, you know what FEELS right

(Jan 24-21:25) bob: Sometimes I do my routine without pausing much, and other times I hold the poses for a long time.

(Jan 24-21:25) Kris: Bye chris – see you next time

(Jan 24-21:26) bob: Bye Chris.  Please come back often.

(Jan 24-21:26) Kris: Bob – I also plan my classes to catch all major categories of the body and movement for that overall amazing feeling\

(Jan 24-21:26) chriscrews has left.

(Jan 24-21:26) Jenny: by chris!

(Jan 24-21:26) bob: Kris, yeah I’m looking for balance and overall good feeling all over.

(Jan 24-21:26) Erica: but there’s the whole headstand/shoulderstand king/queen appointment, more “important” poses…

(Jan 24-21:27) Kris: Just like Erich said – we do it because it feels good

(Jan 24-21:27) Kris: Made up by whom?

(Jan 24-21:27) bob: Could you please explain, Erica?

(Jan 24-21:27) Erica: i think it’s light on yoga, maybe HYP that calls headstand the king of poses, shoulderstand is the queen

(Jan 24-21:28) Kris: I think “more important” is a made up thing too.

(Jan 24-21:28) Erica: dharma mittra, for example, says if you only have a short time to practice, do those two poses, cobra, forward bend… (not in that order of course!)

(Jan 24-21:28) Kris: Sorry if my comments are controversial – just where my study of yoga has taken me over many years…

(Jan 24-21:29) bob: Kris, why controversial?

(Jan 24-21:29) nancy_: i’m still here.. just updating transcript

(Jan 24-21:29) Erica: and Leslie Kaminoff went into this whole thing about inversions, finally learning from Desikachar that they’re so important b/c the stagnant kundalini blockage is inverted and held OVER the agni fire

(Jan 24-21:29) bob: Erica, still don’t understand “more important poses” comment

(Jan 24-21:29) Kris: I think it is valid to choose some poses if you only have a short time  – I don’t think it is the specific poses he may be saying – but really the experience of a backbend and a forward bend

(Jan 24-21:29) Erica: you’ve never heard headstand called “the king of poses” ?

(Jan 24-21:30) bob: Well, now I have!

(Jan 24-21:30) Erica:

(Jan 24-21:30) nancy_: erica i don’t think i have called it that but i think it is considered that

(Jan 24-21:30) Kris: Nancy – some may be horrified by my lack of alighment, or saying things they hold true are made up by BKS, etc

(Jan 24-21:30) Erica: let me check my books

(Jan 24-21:31) bob: I’m pretty good at the shoulder stand, but not the headstand

(Jan 24-21:31) nancy_: i see

(Jan 24-21:31) Kris: I have definatley heard of the sayings king and queen – but I think somone (probably BKS) said that and it has just been passed down

(Jan 24-21:31) nancy_: like i said the studio i go to has all sorts of lineages present.. except iyengar.  so lots of free form stuff too

(Jan 24-21:31) Erica: yeah, as w/a lot of things

(Jan 24-21:32) Kris: I shouldn’t say lack of alignment as if there is none – but I mean that I don;t use that as a focus at all.  Truely, most of my students are in a pretty good alignment, but only because the feel their way there.

Buddhist book recommendations

Lots of folks have been asking for Buddhist book recommendations for the club.  I asked excellent blogger Jack from for a list and here it is:

Thanks to Jack and for those of you interested in a terrific discussion of Buddhism follow his blog and him .

Book Review by Roseanne: Michael Stone’s Yoga for a World Out of Balance

We wanted to draw our members attention to an excellent review by Roseanne of It’s All Yoga Baby.   Check out her review of Michael Stone’s Yoga For A World Out of Balance.  Roseanne suggests this book as a great read for our members and after checking out her review we agree.  Be sure to check out the rest of her terrific blog as well.  Great job and thanks R!

We have a logo!

Congrats to Kyoko K for creating the awesome new Namaste Book Club logo.  We’ll be making some items and will be sending her a shirt and a $30 Powell’s gift certificate to say congratulations.  We love it!

Let us know what you think and what products you’d like to see with a Namaste Book Club design on them.  Congrats to Kyoko and the whole club for this great design!

The Yamas and Niyamas: Exploring Yoga’s Ethical Practice, a book review

The yamas and niyamas are the ten guidelines for leading a positive and productive life.  They are described in Patajanli’s Yoga Sutras and can be applied to many aspects of everyday life.  Wading through the Sutras can be a challenge depending upon the translation.  Author Deborah Adele has provided a hands on and easy to grasp compendium on the yamas and niyamas in her book, The Yamas and Niyamas: Exploring Yoga’s Ethical Practice.

Adele devotes a chapter to each of the yamas and niyamas respectively.  She describes how they apply to daily life and often refers to her own experience grappling with each to clarify how one can achieve them.  She clearly defines each of the yamas and niyamas and offers the reader some easy to understand examples to help aid their understanding.  However the best part of this book is the weekly guided tour of yamas and niyamas that Adele offers the readers at the end of each chapter.  She suggests ways the reader can reflect and improve upon their approach to these tenents.  Her guidelines are simple but very thought-provoking and useful.

This book is great companion to anyone studying the Yoga Sutras or other yogic philosphy texts.  Adele has broken down some difficult concepts into easily grasped ideas which are useful to students of both yoga and yogic philosphy.

Create a Namaste Book Club Logo Contest

Create The Namaste Book Club Logo Contest!

We’ve had lots of requests for Namaste Book Club shirts and even bookmarks!  But despite our creativeness in starting the club, we have no skill in conjuring up the perfect logo.  We need help!   So we are announcing a logo design contest, here are the rules:
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Book # 4 Starts Nov 1

Book #4  starts Nov. 1, 2009

The Wisdom of No Escape: AndThe Path of Loving Kindness  by Pema Chodron

Book #3 Starts this week!

We are very excited to start book #3 this week:  Hatha Yoga Pradikipa.  Be sure to join us for a chat about the first chapter this Sunday, 6-8 pm CST at our Ning Site:

Book Review by Nancy Alder

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